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5 Data Inventory Templates: Getting the Most Appropriate Format

Hello great people! What do you know about data inventory templates? A data inventory is an answering questions process about the data collected type, the location, and the method to transfer and delivery. Greatly, those are classified into the main components of the data programs and inventories. Well, in the printable data inventory templates, you will find some kinds that you can use. It is of course for each template having a different format.

Road Inventory


Five Kinds of Data Inventory Templates

If you want to recognize more about the kinds of data inventory, don’t worry! It will be available for you. So, let’s check them out!

  1. The data inventory of administrative

In this kind of sample data inventory templates, you will find some important components that should be available in this template. What are they? There are an agency or program type, the provider of the data, the type of the data, and the available years.

  1. The data inventory of personal

What about this one? This kind of template covers the identification data and marriage information. In the first component, there are name, address, email, occupation, phone, birth date, age, marital status, education, hobbies, and other training. Then, in the second one, there are the name of spouse, address, occupation, phone, age, religion, education, and some other questions.

  1. The data inventory of road

It is available in PDF and it is like a module. There will be four aspects of this template. They are the objectives, the requirement, the methodology, and the training kit.

  1. The data inventory of the vehicle

This data inventory templates sample shows you the data format of the vehicle. You will find the general information, vehicle assignment and location, vehicle acquisition data, vehicle initial inventory data, and fuel supply information.

Personal Data Inventory

  1. The data inventory of asset

As you know, this kind of template is also available in PDF. It shows you the research data asset inventory. It will provide you some components like the description, created by, file name, last modified date, citation, and licensed by. Besides, there are also name of department and research group, size of research group, and the research role and responsibilities.


Three Ways to Make a Data Inventory

In relation to the data inventory, you need to know that there are three ways to create it. What are they? Just follow this information well!

  1. Decide the sources of the data

The first way to make the data inventory is deciding the data sources. Exactly, there are some certain sources which a data can be stored. They are the databases that are saved in the shared folders or inside information systems.

Vehicle Data Format

  1. Decide the various data sets

Besides deciding the various data sets, you need also to understand it from each data source. Then, you have to know that a data set is a commonly generated report or spreadsheet. It will be ideal and appropriate with the sources of proper data.

Administrative Inventory

  1. Have data set inventory

The last way that you should do is having a template of complete data set inventory. Moreover, the inventory of your data set has basic information like the title, description, and subtlety.

Data Asset

Well, those are the useful information about the data inventory templates printable. Please apply the ways to make it and choose one of the kinds that is suitable with your needs.

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