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6 Arbitration Agreement: Try Making the Template in Various Forms

Have you heard about an arbitration agreement before? Actually, it can be defined as a written contract between two or more parties. They are agreed to discharge the law courts. It can be about the performance of a distinct contract, a claim of illegal treatment in a company, a defective product, and others. So, to resolve the court system, many people try to apply making the printable arbitration agreement. Let’s see the kinds of this agreement template here!

Employment Arbitration Agreement Template

5 Types of Arbitration Agreement

In this kind of agreement, you need to know that there are 5 types that you can apply when you need it. Are you curious about them? If it is so, please follow these kinds well!

  1. The template of the employment arbitration agreement

The first sample arbitration agreement is such a summary of the arbitration agreement. This template is available in the format of Word. Besides, it is written in two columns like in a newspaper.

Medical Arbitration Agreement Template

  1. The template of a binding arbitration agreement

In this arbitration agreement, three main components should be available in this template. Have you recognized those components? If you have not known yet, they will be mentioned in the following information. The first component is scope, the second one is covered claims, and the last one is excluded claims.

Mutual Arbitration Agreement Template

  1. The template of the vehicle arbitration agreement

Then, this kind of agreement template is written in two columns form. There are some important elements in this template. What are they? Yea, there will be please note, the scope of the agreement, a condition precedent to arbitration, place of arbitration, governing law, method, and limitation of action.

Voluntary Arbitration Agreement Template

  1. The template of the medical service arbitration agreement

What about this arbitration agreement sample? In this case, a medical corporation provides to the undersigned patient medical and retained health care services. In this template, it is written for you article I, article II, and article III. Each article offers some detailed information. Then, there is a notice, the patient’s name, witness, and date.

  1. The template of the mutual arbitration agreement

This kind of arbitration agreement covers some aspects that are important to write. They are like arbitrate claims, dualities for initialing arbitration, neutral arbitrator, location of the arbitration, representation, and discovery.

Binding Arbitration Agreement Template

6 Significant Elements in the Template of Arbitration Agreements

Some elements need to be provided in this kind of agreement template. Here are the elements.

  1. The parties

They must decide on what state law that is they going to follow. Surely, they are also mentioned in the agreement.

  1. The dispute arose

You should mention the dispute arose and the right steps to prevent a further eruption.

  1. The location of the agreement

In this case, you need also to mention the location of the agreement without fail.

  1. The agreement validity

Then, you should mention the validity of the agreement. It means that when the agreement is valid and also what happened to it upon expiry.

  1. Confidentiality

If it is needed, you may mention the confidentiality and trade secrets.

  1. Fees

You are allowed to add the fees, the limitations of claims, and the damages in the agreement.

Commercial Arbitration Agreement Template

Those are the information about the arbitration agreement printable that you should know. Make use of it every time you need it.

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