Blank Promissory Note Sample Templates

Blank Promissory Note Templates Free to use in Easy Formats

Are you afraid if your lending business is not run according to your plan? Use the blank promissory note to make your borrowers pay their debt on time. It is a tool from the internet exactly this page to make any legal document of loan. The promissory note itself is a written document for the borrower which has the power of law. In this blank promissory note printable, you can write an agreement to them about the ability to pay debts. Yeah, you can do it freely both online and download it first before editing.

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13 Types of Blank Promissory Note Templates in Three Easy Formats

Getting something free is a precious grace but this page still gives more. Besides it is free to use and download easily, the sample blank promissory note also has three favorite formats. The PDF, Excel, and Words formats are of course not strange again in your ears. It turns out those formats make the result effective and efficient. So, this task will not waste your time again and you always have stocks to use anytime.

Anything your lending business type, do not worry if there is no template will match for you. Try to hunt it among 13 kinds of the blank templates below:

  1. Blank Promissory Note Idea for Free
  2. PDF Blank Promissory Note Design
  3. Two-Color Background of Blank Promissory Note Template Free Download
  4. Blank Master Promissory Note Template in Light Blue Color Background
  5. Blank Promissory Note Form Simple Design
  6. Word File Download Free Blank Promissory Note
  7. Blank Promissory Note with White and Grey Table for Security Agreement
  8. Editable Blank Promissory Note Template in Words for Line of Credit
  9. Blank Promissory Note of Checklist Items to Consider for Drafting
  10. Word Blank Template of Promissory Note for General Business
  11. Blank Promissory Note Idea for Demand to Pay
  12. Promissory Note Template Blank Printable with Acceleration Clause
  13. Google Docs Blank Promissory Note Template for Checklist Item to Consider

What to Include in Promissory Note Template

Addition information from this article after conveying those blank promissory note sample templates. It is about the requirements for the document has the power of law. You can use one of the templates and complete with 8 requirements:

  • Loan Amount

Write the amount of your money that you lend and owe.

  • Repayment Date

It is very important to write the date of repayment so that you do not need to remind it again. You also do not afraid if they will deny paying on time.

  • Interest Rates

Do not forget to input the interest rate of the loan in annual percentages or Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

  • Payment After Interest

Think on the payment after interest is that the principal plus interest.

  • Pledge of Security Agreement

It consists of all items or service where the value becomes the collateral to pay the debt.

  • Requirements for late or Default

Add some requirement to discuss the late repay or fail to pay according to the agreement is very important.

  • Rules to Default

You have the right to determine the fine if they cannot fulfill the agreement of the debt.

  • Signature

End with your signature.

Okay, those are some essential information on the printable blank promissory note. Use it wisely and see the result!

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