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Breach of Partnership Agreement: Get the Samples in Various Form

Well, what do you know about breach of partnership agreement? Actually, it is like a details contract document that tells the obligations and the rights of each partner in the business. The partnerships will hold the parties’ responsibilities in the agreement. Then, in the printable breach of partnership agreement, you will know some samples of it. They will play an important role to make sure the rights of both parties if a breach may happen.

Breach of Partnership Agreement Template 1

4 Kinds of Breach of Partnership Agreement

Related to this agreement, there are 4 kinds of templates that you can apply. What are they? Here are kinds.

  1. The dissolution for partnership statement

This sample breach of partnership agreement will show you the commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission. There is a note in the first part. Then, it is followed with some statements of the partnership’s number, the law’s partnership, and the partnership’s SCC ID number. Besides, there is also the signature of the partner and the telephone number.

  1. The dissolution agreement of partnership

This example document is available in a short form. In this sample, two electricians will work together in a business providing electrical services. The first part tells the background and the second part tells the agreement for dissolution and winding up. In the agreement part, there are four sections. The first one is about the dissolution and the second one is about the appointment of liquidating partner. Then, the third one is about salaries and the last one is about the powers of liquidating partners.

  1. The contract agreement of breach

The breach of partnership agreement sample tells the cause of action. You will see some components like names, dates, obligations, damages, and others. There are also some small boxes to the checklist.

  1. The partnership registration change of dissolution

What about this last kind of agreement template? It is available in the form of two columns. There will be the notes, general instructions, and fee schedule. For the general instructions, you will find the name and mailing address, business contact information, registered business name, and the dissolution’s notification. Besides, there are also change in the nature of the business, change of business name, change of addresses, signature, and change of membership.

4 Causes of Action in the Partnership Agreement

Exactly, this kind of agreement may lead to some actions. They are appropriate for people who breach a written contract. So, here are the actions.

  1. Settlement

This action will prevent the time-consuming hearing and also costly fees that are paid with the legal matters.

  1. Breach liability

The partnership can breach the agreement if they have the business partnership’s duration.

  1. Expulsion

It shows the legal action that can kick out the partner of the breaching in this partnership agreement. It may happen if the agreement maintains the expulsion.

  1. Damage liquidation

In this case, the contract will declare that the damages are liquidated. It can be like that if a breach happens. Actually, it is used to decide the total amount the breaching party will pay the other.

Breach of Partnership Agreement Template 2

That’s all about the breach of partnership agreement printable that you can recognize. Since it has an important role, so just create it as well as you can!

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