8+ Capital Expenditure Budget Template Sample

8 Capital Expenditure Budget Template: Find Your Needed Form Kinds

What do you know about the capital expenditure budget template? Well, many people in an organization use it to evaluate the expenses and income. Exactly, this printable capital expenditure budget template is also a monthly template that is used for budgeting and recording the cost. Both of them are meant to run the business daily. So, the expenditure can be varied or fixed. It is based on your business nature.

Capital Expenditure Budget Policy PDF

Nine Kinds of Capital Expenditure Budget Template

Related to the template of the capital expenditure budget, it is important for you to know nine kinds that are available for you. What are they? Here they are.

  • The budget template of expenditure

This sample capital expenditure budget template shows the available income, projected amount, actual amount, and available balance. Besides, there are marketing and fixed expenses. The first expense covers advertising, digital ads, newspaper ads, social media, and promotions. The second one covers amortization, depreciation, and insurance.

capital expenditure budget request Form Excel

  • The budget template of sample capital expenditure

This template is divided into operating capital also health and safety. Each of them includes the available funds, summary of expenditures, and the recommended amounts.

Capital Expenditure Budget Template Example PDF Format

  • The budget template of capital expenditure

It provides you some lists of the expenditure. They are manager salary, other salaries and wages, rent, advertising, banners, maintenance, insurance, delivery and supply cost, power bill, utilities, and phone bills. Moreover, there are also meeting, miscellaneous, and others.

Maintenance Capital Expenditures PDF Format

  • The budget plans for printable capital expenditure

What about this budget template? Well, here, you will see some sources of funds. It can be from energy savings, federal funds, other local funds, and so on.

Sample Capital Expenditure Budget Template PDF

  • The budget template example of capital expenditure

It is available in PDF format. There are some programs spending like education, culture at communications, transports, unexpected appropriations, etc.

Capital Expenditure Budget PDF

  • The Excel budget of sample capital expenditure

This template is available in the form of Excel. There are some aspects like the budget number, budget description, date, department name, department acct, CER amount, and source of funds.

Capital budget Request Expenditure template

  • The budget policy of sample capital expenditure

This capital expenditure budget template sample offers you the approval process, related documents, and the project process.

  • Free download template of capital budget request expenditure

You will find some components in this template such as the budget category, description, and date in service.

  • The capital expenditure template of the maintenance

It indicates the author, date, subject, and private. Besides, there are also some suggestions and questions and answers.

Five Ways to Make an Expenditure Budget

As you know there are five easy ways to make an expenditure budget? What are the steps? Let’s check them out!

  • Determine the goals

The first way to create an expenditure budget is by determining the goals and objectives. It means that the goals that you want to achieve by using a budget.

  • Set the net income

Then, you are suggested to set your net income. You can make a list of all the income sources that you get. So, you will know the amount of your income and what can you spend.

  • Write down the expenses

After that, you should mention all of your expenses. By doing this way, you can know what your expenses are and where do you have to cut them down.

  • Make a plan

In this case, you should include all the possible details of the entity. Besides, you should also write down any loans that you have taken from others.

  • Review

It means that you are suggested to review your budget plan. You are allowed to make the changes to the necessary. So, just keep updating your plan regularly.

Capital Expenditure Budget Plans PDF

Those are the information about the capital expenditure budget template printable. You can choose the kind of this template based on your needs.

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