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4 Car Sale Receipt Template: The Right Template to Validate Your Transaction

The car sale receipt template is useful for you as the dealer. It can be a proof that the payment has been done by your customers when they buy a car. With this Printable car sale receipt template, you do not need to make your car sale receipt by yourselves. This template lets you to just fill out the details you need. It is, of course, will make your work easier and faster.

Private Car Sale Receipt Template

Customers’ Identity that Exists on the Car Sale Receipt Template

In this template, there are some matters to fill in with details related to the car receipt. All of them will simplify you to provide a sale receipt to the buyer if you are the seller. What are they? Let’s see the following explanation.

  1. Name

The first detail to fill in is the name of the customer. With it, the receipt will not go to the wrong person.

  1. Address

An address is one of the most important matters to concern in one personal identity. So, that is why this car sale receipt template printable contains it.

Used Car Sale Receipt Template

  1. Date

A date can be an accurate detail to see when you sell your car. It can also remind the buyer how long has he bought and used his car. So, it is important to fill in while you provide a receipt to the customer.

Car Sale Receipt Sample

  1. Stock book

If possible, you can also mention the stock book.

  1. A few important numbers

Some customers must have a few numbers to contact while needed. In this case, this template provides some numbers to fill in so that you can contact your customers when there are important matters. The numbers are such as VAT, telephone, or folio number.

Sold Car Details to Fill in the Sample Car Sale Receipt Template

Besides the personal identity of the customers, this kind of template also provides a sold car details to fill in. Here they are.

  1. Quantity

A quantity of the car that is sold should be available on any receipt. So, this template also provides it for you.

  1. Item

This matter can be filled with a certain number of the car you sell.

  1. Description

With the available blank on this template, you can give a short description of the car you sell.

  1. Unit price

The fourth matter to give the detail related to the sold car is a unit price per unit. It explains to the buyers how much they should pay for the car.

  1. Discount

If your car company provides a discount for a certain period, you can mention it on this template.

  1. Line total

The last is the total cost that the customer should pay to you. It is called the line total.

Validation on this Template

This template also provides validation to both sellers and buyers. It is proved as follows.

  1. Seller’ signature

First, it is marked with the seller signature. Above it, the seller should also give the current date of the transaction.

  1. Buyer’s signature

The second is the buyer’s signature. It can prove that the transaction between the seller and the buyer is valid.

Car Sale Receipt in PDF Format

That is all that usually exists on the car sale receipt template sample. If you want to get some samples, find them on this site.

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