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9 Cash Receipt Templates: Get Your Receipt Form Here

Eventually, you need to have a recorded document in every transaction. So, you are suggested to make cash receipt templates. In the printable cash receipt templates, you will find some main aspects. They are the things being purchased, what are the quantities for each item, the amount paid, and other related terms. Well, in this following information, it is available for you some kinds of this template. Let’s check them!

Donation Cash

Ten Kinds of Cash Receipt Templates

In this kind of template, you are allowed to know ten kinds that you can create. To recognize it more, please follow this information carefully!

  • The printable of cash receipt

In this cash receipt, you will see the company name, address, date, received from, amount number, payment method, and signature.

Daily Cash

  • The template of company receipt

This template example shows you some main aspects. They are the seller’s photo, date, total amount, balance, witness, and seller data. In the witness, there are a signature, name, address, and telephone. In the seller data, there are a name, address, telephone, and driving license number.

Editable Receipt

  • The template of editable receipt

It offers you some components like receipt number, date, amounts received, money for, and money received.

  • The template of cash donation receipt

What about this kind of sample cash receipt templates? It covers the donation amount, the giver name, address, city, state, and ZIP code.

  • The template of cash receipt

It includes the total amount due, the amount received and paid by (cash, check). On the other hand, there is also the component of the date, signature, and balance amount.

Petty Cash

  • The template of cash daily

What about this kind of template? It is about the summary of cash receipts daily. It shows total receipts, total cash, and total cash receipts.

  • The template of blank cash

It offers the blank cash of receipt. It includes the date, number, received from, amount, for payment of, and received by. Besides, paid by (cash, check number, and money order), account amount, the payment, and balance due.

Printable Cash Receipt Template

  • The template of business receipt

Do you know this cash receipt templates sample? Well, it provides a monthly summary of cash receipts. You will find credit card sales, check sales, cash sales, total receipts, and daily deposits.

Blank Cash

  • The template of petty receipt

In this template, it is available for you some aspects like number, date, pay to, business purpose description, FAS account, and amount. There are also other aspects like authorized by and recipient signature.

Cash Advance Receipt

  • The template of cash advance

It covers the name of the employee, amount, name of the event, date, and some statements about cash advance receipt.

Company Receipt Example

Six Steps to Make a Receipt Using Word

There are six steps to make a receipt using Word. Here are them.

  • Open Microsoft Word

You can find it on the bottom left-hand corner of the desktop screen.

  • Click office button

Then, you can click this button on the top left-hand icon.

  • Find receipts

You should find the receipts by scrolling down the screen.

  • Check the options

Just do this step by clicking on the image of the templates.

  • Click download

Under the template you choose, please click on the download.

  • Customize the text

Besides customize the text, you can also edit the format. Don’t forget to save your work!


Those are the useful information about the cash receipt templates printable. Have a nice apply the kinds!

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