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6 Catering Receipt Template: Find the Best Sample for You

Hello great readers! What do you know about the catering receipt template? Have you ever heard of it before? Well, the printable catering receipt template is used to provide catering service to the client. Some businesses of the catering use the receipts for partial payment. However, others use it as a separate final catering receipt. This following information provides you the lists of this template samples that you can try. Here are them.

Catering Services

Six Kinds of Catering Receipt Template

You have to know that there are six kinds that you can use in this template. What are they? Here are available for you.

  • The template of free catering receipt

In this sample catering receipt template, what can you find? Yea, some main aspects should be available. They are company name, delivery address, contact person, delivery date, email, special instruction, credit card number, sales tax, and total.

Food Catering

  • The template of catering

It is available in printable form. It shows the company name, address, state, telephone, ordered name, department, date, name of the event, delivery date and location, and service. There is also a person confirming, interoffice mail address, and service charge summary.

  • The template of official catering

This catering receipt template sample provides you some important components. What are they? Yea, there is a bill to (department name, contact person, phone number, email, budget code) and deliver to (location, date, event, phone number, email). Then, under both aspects, there are quantity, description, unit price, and total.

Free Catering Receipt Template

  • The template of catering services

What about this one? This kind of catering template covers the phone, ordered name, department, date, name of the event, delivery date, delivery location, and service or food requested. Then, the person confirming, office mail address, and service charge summary (food, beverages, other miscellaneous, labor, total) are also included here.

Official Catering

  • The template of catering acknowledgment

It will show you the technical proposal form. It is included the name of the proposer, some statements of addenda’s receipt, signature, name printed, title, and date.

  • The template of food catering

This last kind of catering template offers a catering order or invoice form. There will be mailing address, physical address, customer number, confirmed the date, confirmed guests, and order information. Furthermore, the order information covers the contact person, department, authorizing person, billing address, and phone. Besides, there is also the date of the event, location, number of guests, list of participants, menu, and purpose of the event, and price.

Printable Catering

Four Ways to Write a Catering Receipt

It is provided for you four ways in writing a catering receipt. Please follow this information well!

  • Convince the price

It means that you need to make sure that all prices are properly placed beside the item.

  • Make the catering receipt organized well

Then, you are suggested to make your catering receipt organized well. In this case, you are allowed to make subheadings like beverages’ prices, food items, and additional catering services.

  • The format should be details

What does it mean? Yea, it means that the format of your catering receipt should be complete details related to the needed of the clients.

  • Depends on you and the client

It depends on you and the client when making a catering receipt. You have to agree with each other related to the template of the catering receipt.

Catering Acknowledgement

Well, that’s about the catering receipt template printable that you can recognize well. Use the kinds based on your needs!

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