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5 The Importance of Commercial Invoice for Your Business

A commercial invoice is a template to use when you need a customs transaction. It will help you, the exporter and importer, in the case of transactional business. So, as a businessman, you have to hold this template to simplify you in running your business. Then, this template can be called a bill that is sent by an exporter to an importer. It has a complete description of commodities that need to be exported. Besides, it also contains a shipment detail. Thus, this kind of printable invoice is important in assuring a reasonable customs clearance for you as an exporter and importer. Considering the importance of commercial invoice, you have to learn a few kinds of it. To make it happen, just have a good look at the explanation below.

Commercial Seller Invoice templates

Kinds of Important Commercial Invoice to Have

From some kinds of commercial invoice, there are a few of them which are urgently needed to have recently. What are they? Let’s take a look at the kinds of commercial invoice sample below.

  1. Commercial Sales Invoice template

In the matter of sale, you certainly need a printable commercial invoice to write any important things in there. Also, you can use it to check up some things after the sale is done. With a good template, all of your writing will be well-ordered. It is so different for you who make writing without any template. It is possible to be chaos or confusing to read afterward. Hence, you are strongly suggested to use this sample commercial invoice to help you provide a well-ordered document of sale.

Proforma Commercial Invoice templates

  1. Blank Commercial Invoice Template

This template is useful to write the details related to the goods sale. In this commercial invoice template, there are only some general writings and other sides are blanks. It just has a few general points that should be filled by yourself. The points are such as the description of goods, a number of packages, unite values, and total. You can still add general points as you need since this invoice sample is printable.

Blank Commercial Invoice templates 1

  1. Commercial lease Invoice Template

With this commercial invoice printable, you can make client info easily. This template has completely provided some blanks to fill out in relation to the important info for clients. Some general points available there are such as client details that contain a name, address, phone number, and email address. Then, another point available in there to fill out is related to the lease. They are at least four points you should give an explanation. They are period, description, unit price, and amount. Besides, you can add some points to give an explanation if needed. It is based on the users’ needs.

Commercial Invoice Custom Decleration

  1. International Commercial Invoice template

If you need a standardized template for your commercial need, this is the right solution for you. This kind of sample invoice provides complete points as a document. It also has a standardized font and letter size. So, use this template for your international commercial business.

Commercial Invoice Packing List

Well, that is all about the kinds of commercial invoice which are important to know. So, you can choose one or all of them based on the need. Also, don’t forget to use it properly.

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