Sample Concept Note Templates

Concept Note Templates: Selecting the Most Needed Sample

Are you looking for concept note templates? If it is true, please follow this information carefully! Exactly, a concept note is a simple and shorter document or proposal than others. This template is only available in short phrases and words. So, you can write a simple note of this kind of template. Well, in the printable concept note templates, you will get so many kinds that you can choose. Let’s check them out!

14. Concept Note Templates

10 Kinds of Concept Note Templates

In this kind of note templates, you have to know that there are 10 kinds that you can use. What are they?

  1. The note of foundation

This kind of note shows you the concept of the ford foundation. The example is research extension farmer linkages. There are problems, where it happens, and the effect.

  1. The note of concept in PDF

The sample is training for bank staff on social business development. It shows the background of the concept note.

  1. The concept of design

It covers the project information and design. The first element includes the project name, introduction to the project, communication and business objectives, target audience, and site map. The design covers experience design, overall design approach, branding and identity, graphic style, layout, and colors.

  1. The concept of basic

This concept note tells the preface about education and the need to focus on women and girls.

  1. The concept of product

In this sample concept note templates, you will find idea generation, the definition of the product concept, target customers, benefits, and the sample.

  1. The note of the sample

There are some main aspects like session focus, session format, session objectives, and key discussion areas.

  1. The note of security

How about this one? It shows food security and proposed deliverables.

  1. The concept of the conference

There will be the components of for whom, aim and objectives, and benefits.

  1. The concept of training

This concept note covers the background of the training on mental health and interventions for better care and management.

  1. The concept of the project

This concept note templates sample shows the project background, the rationale of the project, and a brief description.

How to Write a Concept Note in 5 Steps

There are 5 easy steps to write a concept note. What are those steps? Here is a simple guide that you should do.

  1. Make the title

You should create a complete title for the concept note. So, a clear description of the title contains an important concept note.

  1. Determine the concept background

Then, the second step is making the background of the concept. A good concept background should be able to communicate the reason why that concept was created.

  1. Decide the objectives

It shows the summary of the goals that are considered as a pillar of the concept note.

  1. Create an action plan

In this case, you need to prepare the needed steps to achieve the objectives.

  1. Plan the budget

If the concept note is created for funding purposes, it should contain an approximate budget.

Well, those are the useful information of the concept note templates printable. You can find the kinds of concept note and the steps to make it.

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