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8 Construction Agreement Templates: Take the Suitable Form

Welcome to the construction agreement templates! In this kind of agreement, there will be two main roles in this template. The first role is the clients and the second one is the builders. The former will set the terms and conditions for a construction project that is requested. Then, in this kind of printable construction agreement templates, you will see some lists that you can use. Let’s check them out clearly!

Construction Management Agreement1

8 Kinds of Construction Agreement Templates

In this kind of templates, it is suggested for you to recognize that there are 8 kinds. What are they? Here are available for you.

  • The agreement template of construction management

The first sample construction agreement templates tell the recitals, article 1, and pre-construction phase. For article 1, is about the scope of work.

Construction Renovation

  • The agreement template of commercial construction

The first part is about the contract agreement. The second one is about the terms and conditions relating to the contractor.

  • The agreement template of building construction

This kind of agreement template covers some elements. They are the contract’s scope, construction loan and financing arrangements, contract sum and payment, the start of construction and completion, and supervision of work.

General Construction

  • The agreement template of general construction

This agreement template is about the construction team and the extent of agreement.

  • The construction service agreement

How about this construction agreement templates sample? Actually, it includes the project, the general terms and conditions, work rules and sustainability principles, and basic information. In the basic information, there are a project, contract sum, and contract time.

  • The agreement template of standard construction

This template is suitable for construction on the owner’s land. There are some elements like the information about the owner and contractor. Each of them covers the name, address, city, state, zip, and phone. Besides, there are also property address, work, plans, and specifications, also contract price.

Residential Construction

  • The agreement template of construction

It will show some agreements between the owners and workers. It is about the agreement of renovation or construction.

  • The agreement construction of residential

This agreement contains two main components. Those are the contract documents and the work.

Standard Construction1

4 Ways to Write a Construction Agreement

When you want to make a construction agreement, you need to do some ways below. So, please follow them well!

  • Building description

The first step that you have to do to write a construction agreement is building a description. It is because the description becomes the important base of a contract.

Building Construction12

  • Building specifications

It means that the clients should make a specification for the entire project. In this case, it is in the land area, building measurements, and special instructions in the agreement.

Commercial Construction

  • Due compensation

What does it mean? Yea, it means that the amount for the payment should be ideally written in the agreement template.

  • Construction time frame

You have to know that most projects of the building do not use disclose the construction period.

Construction Maintenance

Those are the useful information about the construction agreement templates printable. If you want to create it, just follow the steps above!

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