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Computer Inventory Template in Excel, Words, and PDF Formats

Do you work not far from the website? If you are a content writer or blogger, of course, you understand the content. It turns out the content inventory template exists to fulfill your job. The template coverages the texts, images, application, and Excel format. By the way, those are the wealth of your website. Well, complete your job with having the content inventory template printable from this page. You must take at least one template according to your job necessary. Just take it free and you can use it forever.

Contents Inventory Form

10 Content Inventory Template for Bloggers and Digital Worker

Okay, all people who work involving website and computer include the digital workers. They need to apply one of 10 sample content inventory template designs below:

  1. Free Template for Download in Business Tracking Inventory

Introduce the first template in landscape orientation with yellow and blue colors. The template presents the stock code, period date, and a table with many columns.

Content Inventory Template

  1. Materials Inventory Worksheet in Doc Format for Academic Course

Here, there is a blank sheet with a table for inputting the file name, format, and conversion to web format.

Excel Format Content Inventory Template

  1. PDF Inventory Template File for Software Content Management

Differ from previous templates, there are only two categories without a table. They are the basic inventory modules and the basic inventory attributes supported.

Document File Of Academic Course Materials Inventory Worksheet

  1. Content Inventory Template Free Download in Excel

Know the template that has a light brown color accent. It record page ID number, navigation title, and the page title.

  1. Free Download Form Content Inventory

There is also a table consisting of the item number, quantity, property description, and so on. The total columns are eight from the item number until the last information.

Excel Content Audit Guide Inventory Template

  1. Excel Template for Content Audit Inventory

It brings a large table with four columns for the page ID, category/ section, link, and title.

Web Content Inventory Planning Template

  1. Downloadable Excel Format Template for SEO Content Inventory

Okay, the content inventory template sample is special for SEO worker. The template has a small size containing the form, page, home page, category 1, and sub-category 1.

SEO Content Inventory Template In Excel Fromat

  1. Inventory Planning Template for Web Content

It only explains the current section name and page name in detail.

Software Content Inventory Management PDF Format

  1. Content Inventory Template Simple for Navigation

The template comes only to invent the navigation title from 0.0 to 2.5.0.

  1. Template Excel Format to Guide Content Audit Inventory

Lastly, it coverages content type, frequency of use, status, priority,  and page/ file type.

Simple Content Inventory Spreadsheet

The Special Format of PDF, Excel, and Words on the Template

Such as you see, there are three main formats on the templates. They are PDF, Excel, and Words. It turns out those formats are very helpful for the people who do not familiar yet with the template. So, they will feel work normally by using their PC both at home and office.

An Excel Template For The Content Audit Inventory Template

Those formats are editable to personalize the template that reflects your nature. Besides that, the template makes your job finish far faster than using the computer without this online tool. Even, you can save it and use again whenever you need to invent other digital content.

Business Tracking Inventory Temlapte 1

Okay, those are some information on the printable content inventory template. Use it wisely to support your millennial job which always relates to PC. Good luck!

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