Counseling Note Sample Templates

Counseling Note Templates: Find the Sample to Treat your Problems

What do you know about counseling note templates? Before knowing it more, you should follow this information first. Everyone of course has bad times. They can be thinking too much, wonder about something, or sadness that becomes anxiety, even becomes depression. Since some people cannot solve their problems, it is very suggested to ask other’s help. One of them is getting the templates of the counseling note. In these printable counseling note templates, you will know the right treatment for your problems. Here are the lists of those templates.

15. Counseling Note Templates

6 Kinds of Counseling Note Templates

There will be available for you 6 kinds of this template that you can know. Just follow these kinds well!

  1. The note of counseling session

There are some guides to make this note like client description, subjective, objective, assessment, plan, and supervision needs. Before those aspects, you will find the instructions first.

  1. The note of counseling progress

In this sample counseling note templates, you will find some main aspects. They are the client’s name, others present at the session, significant changes in client’s condition, goals, therapeutic intervention, and recommendation for modifications. Besides, there is also a provider and supervisor signature also supervisor consultation.

  1. The sample of the case note

What about this kind of template? Exactly, it is like a case note sample narratives. There are sample narrative 1 and sample narrative 2. Moreover, the sample of this case note is provided as an example to illustrate an individual consumer’s strength and service needs narratively.

  1. The counseling notes

This template covers three elements that should be available in it. They are the definition of counseling, the benefits, and the problems that can be helped by counseling. For the problems, they are like anything that causes stress, life crises, ongoing lack of confidence, career decisions, conflict management, and anger management.

  1. The guidelines of record-keeping

It means that in this note template, you will see the guidelines of the record-keeping. It is like a summary or narrative. There will be an introduction and the guidelines and use of language.

  1. The handbook of counseling

This kind of counseling note templates sample shows a resource handbook. It covers three aspects such as confidentiality, diversity, and practicum or internship student guidelines. The first aspect tells the list of important concerns. Meanwhile, the last one tells the guidelines for the students.

15 Best Free Templates of Counseling Note

On the other hand, there are also 17 lists of best free counseling templates. Are you curious about them? If it is so, here are they.

  1. Therapy tools and resources for mental health providers
  2. Introduction to anxiety
  3. Daily mood chart
  4. Exposure hierarchy
  5. Anger diary
  6. Behavioral activation
  7. No show, late cancellation, and co-payment policy
  8. ABC model
  9. Patient questionnaire
  10. Notice of privacy practices
  11. Treatment plan review
  12. Patient registration form
  13. Treatment planner
  14. Credit or debit card payment consent form
  15. No-harm contract

Considering the importance of the counseling note templates printable, you are suggested to use one of the templates to solve your problems. Surely, it is based on your needs because each problem has a different treatment. Have a nice try!

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