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5 Custody Agreement: Get the Needed Form Template

What do you know about a custody agreement? Have you ever heard before? Well, it is a document that tells one party holds an asset to another one. The custody will convince that the asset, property, or the person is in good hands. Then, this template should cover all the details of legal custody, residential custody, access rights, authority details, and decision making. So, in this printable custody agreement, it offers some lists of the kinds that you can choose.

Legal Child Custody Agreement

10 Types of the Custody Agreement

As you know that it is provided so many kinds of this agreement template. There are 10 kinds of templates that you can choose. So, please follow these kinds well!

  1. The agreement template of temporary custody

You can download it in PDF format. There will be some statements of the agreement, the date, signature, and the notary public.

  1. The agreement template of custody and visitation order

Then, it is also available in PDF form. This template is made for children whose parents have such parted ways. There is the division’s name, full name, date of birth, legal custody, and physical custody.

  1. The agreement template of pet custody

This third sample custody agreement contains the overview and the dos also don’ts checklist. It is available in PDF form. Actually, it is about a family pet that needs to be left with one of the parties when the couples separate.

Temporary Custody Agreement

  1. The agreement template of escrow and custody

This form is suitably signed when the matters finance a party can be appointed. You can find it in the form of PDF. Two main components are interpretation and definitions.

  1. The agreement template of custody document

What about this one? There will be the agreement statements, the date, and the witnesseth. This template is usually used to hold funds for another party.

  1. The agreement template of child parenting custody

A divorced parent needs this agreement to state where the children will live and also allow parents can see them at a certain time. There are the plaintiff’s and defendant’s names also physical custody and access.

Child Parenting Custody Agreement

  1. The agreement template of legal child custody

It tells that the custody of the children has to be decided. There is the legal background of child custody.

  1. The agreement template of temporary guardianship

It is used when a child needs temporary custody away from home. There will be the child’s identity, the guardian’s identity, signature, and statement.

Custody Agreement Document Format

  1. The agreement template of document custodial

This custody agreement sample will be needed to hold in custody some documents of loan security. You can download this template in PDF format.

  1. The agreement template of custody preliminary information

It will help the parties to comprehend the custody’s terms before committing to the agreement. This template is provided in Word format.

2 Benefits of Making Custody Agreements

When you create this agreement, there are 2 main benefits that you can get. Here are them.

  1. Define the schedule

It means that both parents should outline the schedule to see their child and also each role.

  1. Enforce parental rights

It will allow both parties to apply the rights through a suitable court.

Custody and Visitation Order

Those are the information about the custody agreement printable that you can know. Hopefully, it can be useful for people who need it.

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