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4 Providing Five Kinds of Delivery Invoice Template for Your Business

Are you a businessman or a businesswoman? If it is so, are you looking for a delivery invoice template? If the answer is true, the following information will be appropriate for you. Actually, a delivery invoice is simply a record of items transportation. Then, it is similar to how sales transactions are records of purchases. In this case, you can use basic and general invoice templates. In order to make them, you should check the item’s condition, add the prices, and include the HS code. Well, in the information below, you will find the delivery invoice template sample.

Delivery Note Invoice

Five Simple Kinds of Delivery Invoice Template

In relation to the sample delivery invoice template, there are five kinds that you can use. What are they? Just check them out in detail!

  1. Food Delivery Invoice Templates

The first one is the printable food delivery invoice templates. This kind of template covers some matters in the table like description, quantity, unit price, and amount. At the top of the table, there is the business name, its address, email, and phone number. Then, there are also the client name and address.

Food Delivery Invoice templates

  1. Delivery Note

In this delivery invoice template printable, you will find the orderer’s code, order date, orderer’s additional details, sender’s department, extension, and sender’s order. Besides, there are also the entry note, quantity control, quality control, address, and invoice controlling.

  1. Catering Delivery

How about this printable invoice? Do you know what does it look like? It covers so many components. They are the company name, the address, and the telephone. Then, there is also the orderer’s name, today’s date, the name of the event, the delivery date and time, and the delivery location. Furthermore, related to the catering delivery, you will see the service or food requested, person, confirming, and interoffice mail address. The last one is a service charge summary that covers food, beverages, other misc, and labor. So, you can total them.

Catering Invoice

  1. Commercial Invoice

Do you know what this sample invoice is like? Well, in this commercial invoice, there are some components that you should know. They are the invoice address, the delivery address, the contact person, the delivery terms, the delivered under, and the payment terms. Besides, there is also the description, country of origin, net weight, HS code, indicate quantity, unit price, and total price. Then, in the description section, you have to put a detailed description of the goods, the purpose of use, the material, and the trademark. Then, in the country of origin, you need to put the country of origin itself and the name of the manufacturer. In the unit price, you should insert a retail value, attach proof of value like price list, proof of payment, or export declaration copy.

  1. Free Delivery Invoice

The last invoice sample is named a free delivery invoice. For this kind of invoice template, it is divided into two parts. The first one is about the delivery invoice gallery copy. And the second one is about delivery invoice artist copy. Both parts have the same components. They are the artist name, the exhibition title, the date, the title of the artwork, the medium, the size, and the retail price.

Commercial Delivery Invoice

That’s all about kinds of delivery invoice template that you can use for your business. Just apply it well!

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