Sample Employee Checklist Template

Employee Checklist Template To Get Things Done In The First Day Work

All people know that employees are busy around their employee checklist template in finishing their duties at work. They should put a tick on the specified boxes written beside the tasks every time they are finished the tasks.

34. Employee Checklist Template

This kind of checklist really helps them to identify what to do at present and what to do next, which one that have been completed and which one have not. No matter the checklist is printable or just an orientation checklist, the employees will feel free form any loaded tasks that might make them feel pressured.

Things To Include In An Employee Checklist Template

This time, we have well-searched the things you must include while you are creating a checklist template for employee. Here are the 6 things to insert in the checklist.


Performance should be included in the checklist to evaluate and discover what traits should be working on and well-done by the employee.


Be aware of the documents that the employee must submit and consider what they are lacking. This is to ensure that all the documents must be submitted due to the deadline.


Track your employee attendance consistently to work out their work. There will be different style of attendance checklist you will use. Just browse later on this page.


The employee must get to know what kind of equipment they are liable for. In this case, they should know the materials they will use to work on.

Daily task

Why should you include the daily task on the employee checklist template? Well, daily tasks will remind your employees of quotas or more.

Feed back

Comment box or a feedback section must be provided to know the staff feel and think so you can determine what kind of improvement you can design.

Variants of Employee Checklist Template

There are some variants of employee checklist template you can check out here to inspire you in creating the checklist. Those are:

New Employee Onboarding Checklist

This checklist consist of a title followed by the brief opening of the checklist. Next, the checklist has two parts which are the list of before you start the date and the list of on your first day. This means the to-do-list tasks are inserted for the date before you start working and the first day you are working.

This checklist is available in PDF file format, allowing you to easily download the file as well as print it out to use as soon as you need it.

Employee Induction

Like the new employee on boarding checklist, this employee induction also comes with the title and the list of tasks that the employee should do on the first day. You can download this file in PDF format along with the size of 46 KB only. Well, this kind of checklist is just simple to help you work out the first day of being an employee.

There are still many other samples of employee checklist template you can surely see later on this page. Now you may head to the following sections to see the samples.

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