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7 Employee Retention Agreement to Appreciate and get a Better Life

Hiring new people as the employee is not easy and sometimes tired. Moreover, it takes place often because they feel not convenient for working in your office. Besides it spends much budget, you also often share company confidentiality. An employee retention agreement will be the solution to this problem. The character of the document is a binding contract until the work period is over. Believe your hiring employee will success at this time. So, let watch and choose the sample employee retention agreement templates below. Let’s check this out!


8 Employee Retention Agreement Templates Free Download in General Formats

By the way, it provides 8 printable employee retention agreement templates free download. Of course, you like to hear that and it turns out they are free customizing too.  What does the template for employee retention look like? Check this out:

  1. General Templates Formats of Agreement for Employee Retention
  2. Downloadable Template of Agreement for Client Retention
  3. Retention Agreement Template of Bonus for Employee
  4. Retention and Attraction Template of Employee Policy Agreement
  5. Agreement Template of Retention for Staff
  6. Policy/ Agreement Template for Retention and Requirement
  7. Agreement of Talent Retention Template
  8. Retention Policy Agreement for Public Department


6 Important Points to discuss in the Agreement

To know how to use the employee retention agreement sample, you must acquire the main points. Here are 6 points to discuss in the agreement template and have important roles inside:

  • Introduction

The part of the introduction loads about both parties and the company in detail.


  • Recital

The word of recital here refers to the reasons to create the agreement.

  • Effectiveness of the retention

The third point, it discusses the ability of the employee to stay in the company according to the deal. So, they cannot go before the agreement reaches the deadline.


  • Responsibilities and duties

Next, it tells about the tasks and responsibilities of the employee which must do during working here.

  • Salary

Afterward, the agreement will outline the salary that the employee will get. It may add the fee of lunch, transportation, and others if your company provides it.


  • Termination

Lastly, the agreement must inform on the termination of both the causes and the consequences. After you fulfill all points, it is time to signing along with your employee.


Well, it is additional information outside the agreement but it is useful when recruiting a new employee. Exactly, the information is useful to make your employees convenient to stay longer in your office. Firstly, you should recognize their performance and the result so that they feel useful for your manufacturer. Know them better in the case of personality, appearance, skill, communication, ability, and so on. Help them to have a nice, fun, and pleasurable environment to work and get along to the surround.


Let the office become the second home in their heart and regard all people inside as a family. It might rare to happen where there is a boss asks for the employee to not work hard. This action makes them you appreciate them and care. So, let them have enough sleeping, healthy body from the exercise. Tell to appreciate this life so that their mind is not only about money and work. Lastly, convey that they become the best employee in the office so that you grateful so much. Okay, those are some information on employee retention agreement printable. Have a nice try!

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