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Event Budget Template: Make Your Plan Well-Organized

When you have a want to hold an event, what should you do? To make it successful, you have to make a plan for everything wisely. It includes the event budget. So, in the event budget template, you will see the income and the expenses of the money. Everything that supports the event should be recorded in the printable event budget template. Thus, it will be organized well.

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9 Kinds of Event Budget Template

For this kind of event budget template, you should know that there are eight kinds that you can use to hold an event. What are the kinds of this template? Here are they.

  1. The template of fundraising event

The first kind of template is named fundraising event. It includes two aspects, they are income and expenses. Each aspect covers the budget, actual, and variance.

  1. A simple event design

Even though it is simple, it is still in detail. There are the event’s type, event venue, event organizer, event contractor, the budget amount, expenses, and balance. Then, there are also site and decoration items. For the site, it covers rooms, hall, electric equipment, tables, and chairs. And for decoration items, there are flowers, candles, bouquet, light, and decorated cloth.

Sample Event Budget Template

  1. A church event

This sample event budget template includes event venue, event organizer, income, and expenditure. The income and expenditure are added with projected, actual, and variance for each aspect.

  1. The conference event

In this template, there is such a summary of the budget. In summary aspects, there are income, expenditure, and balance. Then, in expenditure aspects, there are location, rent, equipment needs, tables, and chairs.

Event Budget Template

  1. The example event

You will find some important aspects like expenses, site, decorations, publicity, and miscellaneous.

  1. The budget template of sample event

It is provided for your potential location costs and potential rental needs.

  1. Free event

This event budget template sample is formed in a table. The components that should be there are expenses, description, rate, quantity, estimate, and note.

  1. Event planning worksheet ideas

In this template, there is also a summary of expenses and income. There are some categories in the expenses; they are a venue, furniture, equipment, decorations, and food.

Two Components in the Budget Plan

As you know that an event budget plan has two significant components that should be available. It is because a plan of event budget is associated based on the event kind and the organizer. Or, it can be based on the necessity of the audiences. So, what are the components? Here is the list of it.

  1. Money

The first component is money. It is one of the important ones that support an event. The reason is that money is used to pay any payments in the event.

  1. Areas

It means that all the areas that are used at the event. Thus, all areas that will be needed at the event should be recorded in the budget template.

Example Event Budget Template

Well, it is about the event budget template printable that you can use when you will hold an event. So, choose the best one for you.

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