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Use General Invoice as the Right Billing System to Your Business

In this era, the business needs the modern billing system that can be handy and fast to operate. As a businessman, do you want it to be yours? If so, you should recognize the general invoice. This printable general invoice will be helpful to use as the billing system. By using it, you can be easier to achieve the desired income to your business. Besides, when you have this invoice, you will not experience miss things that the customers need to pay. Thus, this invoice will make you get a safe and better transaction. So, get a handy bill for different transactions easily with the kinds of this template. Find and download them here for free.

general contractor invoice

Three Recommended Kinds of the General Invoice to Use

Before using a few kinds of this general invoice, you firstly need to know them well. So, you can use one of them for your business properly. In this matter, you can see some recommended kinds of sample general invoice below.

  1. Free Commercial Sales Invoice Template

From some kinds of the invoice, the first template you need to know is Free Commercial Sales Invoice Template. It provides a blank form that you can fill in based on your need for sales.

There are customer information and date on the top of this general invoice template. It will help you remember the date of the transaction whenever you need it. Under this identity, there are names, address, and city/state to fill. They will make the customer identity clearer for you. So, you can use this information while needed.

Then, below the customer identity, there is a blank table to write some important information about the goods. They are related to the period, description, unit price, and total amount of the goods. This handy general invoice printable is suitable to bring anywhere to help you get a simple way of transaction.

  1. Free Commercial Photography Invoice Template

If you run a business of photography, this general invoice sample will be suitable for you. It makes you get a simpler transaction to your customer. On the top template, there are a few blanks to fill. The first is “bill to”. You can fill this point with your customers. Then, there is a “description” to fill beside the first point.

General Invoice Form

You can fill this blank with a short description of your customer. Then, on the right and top template, there are two points to fill. They are “invoice no” and “date”.  The first one, you can fill it with the number of the invoice you use as the bill to the customer. Then, you can fill the second with the date when you want to make a transaction with your customer.

Below those two points on this printable invoice, there is a blank table to fill about the details of photography. The table contains details, time, rate, and the total amount for the photography transaction. You need to fill them to give a clearer description of photography for your customers.

  1. Free Commercial Export Invoice Template

You need to recognize this third sample invoice if you run a business of export goods or other things. The blanks to fill in this invoice sample are “exporter, name, address, and also delivered to”. While the blank table to fill is related to the period, description, unit price, and amount of the goods to export. You need to fill them appropriately to make clear information to you and your customers.

general invoice format

Well, that is all about a general invoice you need to know. Thus, you can, hopefully, choose the kind of this template properly to help you simplify your business.

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