Guided Note Templates Sample

Guided Note Templates: Creating the Understandable Form

What do you know about guided note templates? You have to know that it is like a prepared handout of the instructor. It is used by the students as a reference to guide them in a classroom discussion. Then, this kind of note is available in formatting styles and arrangements. Thus, the printable guided note templates will be so useful for teachers and students. In this following information, you can find some types of this template.

29. Guided Note Templates

6 Kinds of Guided Note Templates

This guided template provides 6 kinds of notes that you can try. Let’s check those notes carefully!

  • The research of guided note

The first sample guided note templates will show you the guided research note organizer. There are aspects of writing to inform, viewpoint 1 and 2, reason, and supporting evidence.

  • The taking of guided note

In this kind of note, you can know the modern European history. There are the title of the section and the identity of the figure.

  • The sample of the guided note

It tells the guided note and taking a journal. Three elements should be available in this note. They are topic, subtopic, and researcher.

  • The template of reading the note

In this guided note templates sample, two aspects are included in this guided note like objectives and directions.

  • The guided note of grammar

In this guided note, some components in grammar are mentioned such as parallel structure, comma splice, pronoun reference, and others.

  • The note of student

What about this last note? It shows three guided notes which are grade social studies, grade writing, and grade math.

4 Steps to Make a Simple Guided Note

Exactly, a guided note will make your learning easier, more convenient and effective for students and teachers. For beginners, you can make a simple guided note in the Word form. Here are the following steps that you should do.

  • Prepare the content

The first thing that you have to do is preparing the content of the guided note. In this case, you should pay attention to the quality of the content. It is based on your appreciation of the subject matter. Thus, you need to make a comprehensive lesson plan and the summary first.

  • Refer to high-quality template

It means that you who want to make a guided note, you are suggested to download the template of guided notes. It can be in PDF or Word form. It offers the teacher with great ideas and new strategies on how to make it. So, it will be more comprehensible and beneficial for the students.

  • Personalized the guided notes

Before conducting the lesson, you have to prepare the guided notes so that it must be completed and ready.

  • Make formatting cues

This last step refers to symbols that can guide the students’ attention and help directly. The symbols are like arrows, bullets, and others.

Considering the importance of the guided note templates printable, you have to create it for your lesson. So, you can be easier and understand the lesson well.

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