Sample Harassment Investigation Checklist Template

Harassment Investigation Checklist To Help You Conduct The Investigation

Why do you think you need harassment investigation checklist? All people know that conducting a harassment investigation is not an easy thing. Everyone must follow the rules and regulations of the company.

In this relation, all crucial information and evidence must be gained completely to avoid accusing someone of harassment. The information and the evidence you derive from the investigation will allow you to ensure that your claim is justified. This is the reason why you have to hold a checklist to conduct the harassment investigation effectively and efficiently.

43. Harassment Investigation Checklist

There are a lot of things to know dealing not only with the kinds of checklist but also with the other things related to harassment investigation.

Preparation Before Investigation

Before you start investigating, you could hire an investigators to help you collect all the information needed. You can provide the investigators with the checklist template to help them do their duties. Dealing with the data protection, you may privately conduct an interview about the harassment.

When You Are Getting The Facts

Don’t forget to check out the policy of your company. You can share the investigation information with the people who are involved in the incident. Remember to get all of the explanations and find out the effects of the harassment on the victims. This way, take the victim’s sample statement so that you get the complete information. However, use the checklist to remind you what to do while you have already collected the facts.

Interview The Accused Perpetrator

A part that listed on your harassment investigation checklist is interviewing the accused perpetrator. Tell him why you conduct the interview. Tell also the accused about the victim’s condition caused by the harassment and ask him for a response. Don’t forget to access the credibility of the perpetrator to create a legal statement. Taka all the notes while you are performing the interview.

Interview The Witness

Find the witness and have a talk about the victim and perpetrator. This is to ensure that the information is credible to use in the investigation. Make an assessment if the information you gain here matches up with the notes you have. This is aimed to see if there is some other information remain uncovered or the witness who may told a lie.

Evaluate the Facts

Once you collected all the facts, evaluate them by making a chronological report included by all the details you have made such as the documents of interviews, facts and etc. You can also suggest a specific recommended actions to take in order that the claim will be justified.

Harassment Investigation Checklist Template

Harassment investigation checklist can include the harassment policy template, addressing harassment template, sexual harassment IQ test template and many more templates for harassment investigation we offer you later on this page.

Most of the checklist templates are available to download in Google Docs, MS Word and Apple Pages file format. Thus, you can just choose which file format that suits you well and download the file you need most.

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