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Hiring Agreement Template For A HRD’s Need

Nowadays, working must be the people’s priority. That is because by working, they could earn money to meet their needs. As you work in an HRD position, it must be your task to hire new employees. Therefore, you might need a hiring agreement template to help you to interest people to work at your company. Of course, having no employee might threaten someone’s company that affect its productivity. Therefore, you must be serious to look for new workers. Anyway, a printable hiring agreement template may also be useful as a contract for new employees so that they might understand the rules of working at your company. Anyway, let’s take a look at our hiring template collection for further info below!

Employment Agreement12

5 Hiring Agreement Template Free Download

Some hiring agreement template printable examples may suit your desire as well. Most of them will be available in several different formats. They may include MS Word, Pdf, Google Docs, and Apple Pages. There is no Excel format since most of these agreement templates are full of words. Well, now, let’s check our best hiring agreement designs in the following points below!

  1. Hiring Standard Employee Agreement Sample in MS Word Download
  2. Free Simple Employment Agreement Example Template in PDF Format
  3. Basic Employment Agreement Form File to Print Freely by You
  4. Free Download Personal Employment Hiring Contract Apple Pages Template
  5. Formal Workers Agreement Contract in Google Docs


Finally, all the sample hiring agreement template ideas here on our web page are available in the US standard language and A4 paper size. Plus, all of them come in different designs and purposes. Therefore, before you download the template. make sure it suits your needs and preferences as well.

Creating a DIY Hiring Agreement Design

When you have a lot of free time but do not have any activity to do, you could create a DIY hiring agreement. How to do it? Well, let you read some tips below!

  1. Job description. The first thing you must mention is the job description. You need to describe what kind of employee you need. Write down the job desk and the qualifications needed by the company. Of course, you need to explain it clearly so that you will not hire the wrong employee.
  2. Benefits. People will not be interested in a job vacancy if they do not get good benefits. Let you mention the benefits of working with you. Do not forget to mention the services, salary, working hours, career development, compensation, etc. they will get from working at your company.
  3. Company requirements. Before having a contract with new employees, it is best to tell them about your company’s requirements. The wearing, working-hours, absence, privacy, etc. must be included. If they do not follow the rules, they might get warned, penalty, even payment reduce. For the worse, you might break the contract with them.


Finally, a hiring agreement template sample design must be helpful to help you to interest the people outside to apply for work. Get and download this hiring template for free on our web soon.

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