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7 Homeschooling Schedule Template, It’s Free for You

Homeschooling is an education chooses to take responsibility for children. educate their children on a home-based basis. In homeschooling, parents are fully responsible for the child’s educational process. Besides, while in regular schools that responsibility is delegated to the teacher and the school system. Automatically, parents who plan to homeschool will first try to adapt the learning schedule at school to their homes. It is because that’s the only thing we know how “learning” should be. If you want to make your children schedule, you can take the homeschool schedule template. It is easy to make a schedule by using a template. You can download the homeschool schedule template sample on this page.

Sample Template Printable Homeschool Schedule

The Content of Homeschool Schedule Template

The content of the printable homeschool schedule template on this page is simple. You just fill some part of the following items below.

  1. The name of your child
  2. Level of education
  3. The subjects your children take
  4. Schedules of subject per day
  5. The number of times in a week
  6. Learning process
  7. Activities per subject
  8. Different learning process if the teachers are not present

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Just by downloading a sample homeschool schedule template, your work in making a schedule for your children will be simple. It does not take a long time. There is no hard work in making the table in Ms. Excel or Ms. Word. Moreover, you can choose some variants of homeschool schedule to be download based on your needs.

Sample Template Summer Homeschool Schedule

Tips for making Homeschool Schedule

The thing to remember is, “freeing” children to have free time. It means allowing them to know themselves, to have their thoughts, and to learn to fight boredom. They can fill their freeing time by having creativity and innovation from themselves. Also, having time “alone for yourself” is a very useful skill for children too.

Sample Template Homeschool Family Schedule

Here some tips for you before filling the schedule template you have downloaded.

  1. Building and forming an attractive home environment to explore. It depends on family decisions. One family will build a family library and fulfill it with interesting collections. Meanwhile, another will feel enough by googling on the internet.
  2. Involved in household chores as part of Life skills, such as cooking, cleaning the house, and so on.
  3. Avoid practices that will discourage children from reading.
  4. Plan regular family activities and field trips regularly as part of daily learning
  5. Involved in activities in the home environment, as part of volunteering / social work
  6. Plan play dates with your fellow Homeschoolers
  7. Sign up for courses/lessons related to a child’s hobbies and preferences.

Sample Template Homeschool Class Schedule

Many parents are always worried if the child has “free time” that is “wasted”. For children who like active activities, will be considered happy “just playing”, while children who like passive activities, will be considered happy “lazy”. On the other hand, other parents may have a sense of worry that children will feel bored.

As a good parent, you should make a better education for your children. If you choose to take homeschooling programs, be smart. Make the best schedule for them. You can use the homeschool schedule template printable on this page to make you easier.

Homeschooling Schedule Template Sample

Sample Template Homeschool Preschool Schedule Sample Template Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

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