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Make Everything Easy with an Hourly Invoice

Nowadays, there are some businesses that the cost or payment is based on the hour. In this case, the customers should pay for the service based on the hour consumption. If you are the business owner, you have to use the hourly invoice to provide a well-ordered bill to the customers. With the printable hourly invoice, you can also serve your customers quickly since this template presents an accurate form to fill. So, don’t forget to always provide this invoice for your own business. To get a few kinds of a template you want, just visit this site and download the templates you want.

Hourly Invoice templates

Top Kinds of an Hourly Invoice to Use

From some kinds of sample hourly invoice provided on this site, there are three top templates that are recommended for you. All of them are almost used in every business where the payment is based on the consumption of an hour. To know them, please have a good look at the explanation below.

  1. Self-Employment Hourly Invoice Template

If you need a kind of hourly invoice template, this template can be the first choice for you. It will be helpful for you especially in providing a bill to your employees. Then, you need to know that the draft of this template is very well-ordered. On top of this template, there is little information to fill as the header. They are address, phone number, and email address of your company. Then, the main point of this hourly invoice printable is the table that contains some information to fill. They are a date, quantity, description of work, hours/days worked, amount, and total amount of the payment. All of them are clearly useful to make you get faster in providing a bill to your customers.

  1. Excel Hourly Invoice Template

For you who like an editable hourly invoice sample, this template can be the best choice for you. With the file format of excel, you can edit this template as you need. On the head of this template, there are company and customer’s info. It generally includes name, address, and phone number. While for the table, it contains some important information to fill as an accurate bill. They are a description of service, hours, rate, and amount. So, make a good bill for your customer with this printable invoice.

  1. Hourly Rate Invoice Template

The last top sample invoice you should use is the Hourly Rate Invoice Template. It has complete blanks to fill with accurate information. On top of this template, there are invoice date and number. Below them, there is an “invoice for” point. You can fill it with the project name. Below this point, there is a blank where you can fill it with your company logo. Besides this point, there is “from” writing with a blank that you can fill it with the name of your company. Beside it, there is “to” writing to fill with your customer name. The last point, there is a table that contains a few blanks to fill. They are description, hours, rate, and amount.

hourly service invoice templates

Well, that is all about the top three kinds of the hourly invoice you can use for your business. Hopefully, those kinds of invoice sample will help you to consider the best and most suitable template for your company.

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