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9 House Cleaning Schedule Templates: Make Your Room More Comfortable

Are you one of the busy people? If it is right, it is very suggested for you to know the house cleaning schedule templates. If you do not have enough time to clean your house, what should you do? Yea, you should make such printable house cleaning schedule templates. This kind of template can help you to handle your cleaning task even though you are very busy with your activities.

Sample Template Daily House Cleaning Schedule

3 Kinds of House Cleaning Schedule Templates

There are so many kinds of this cleaning schedule template. However, there will be three kinds that are classified into the most prominent template. So, just follow these kinds of cleaning schedule templates below!

  1. Checklist of Weekly House Cleaning

The first sample house cleaning schedule templates is named a checklist of weekly house cleaning. In this template, six aspects should be done. There are kitchen, bathrooms, dusting, floors, laundry, and organization. In the kitchen, you should clean the sink, microwave, stovetop, dishwasher, and counters.

Sample Template House Cleaning Checklist

In the bathrooms, you should clean the sink, toilets, tub, mirror, counters, and light fixtures dusted. For dusting, you should clean furniture, bookshelves, TV, ceiling fans, baseboards, and blinds. For the floor, you need to mop the floor and vacuum the carpet. For laundry, the clothes should be washed as soon as possible.

Sample Template House Cleaning Schedule Checklist

  1. Daily Cleaning Schedule

The second kind of template is usually called a daily cleaning schedule. How about this one? If you want to use this kind of template, you have to divide some task schedule each day. For example, you need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor on Monday. Then, you can clean the toilets and take dirty clothes to the laundry area on Tuesday.

Sample Template monthly House Cleaning Checklist

On Wednesday, you are allowed to dust and vacuum the living area. On Thursday, you can clean the dining room table. How about Friday? On that day, you can wipe up the bathroom floor. On Saturday, you may wipe up the kitchen floor. And on Sunday, you can put the laundry away.

Sample Template Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

  1. Basic Cleaning Schedule

Then, the last house cleaning schedule templates sample is a basic cleaning schedule. For this template, it is divided into three areas; they are living room, kitchen, and bathroom. There are some activities or tasks that you have to do in each area of your house. After doing them, you are suggested to checklist in the small box of the task that you have done. Thus, it will be easier to do your housework.

Sample Template 2 hour House Cleaning Checklist

The Simple Ways to Use Cleaning Schedule Template

Three ways are available for you to use the cleaning schedule template. Are you curious about them? Just check them out now!

  1. Determine your house size

The first way that you have to do is determining the size of your house. You can decide that you want to clean the whole house or just a part of it.

Sample Template Basic House Cleaning Schedule

  1. Decide the time

Then, you need also to decide the time you want to clean your house. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly. It is based on your desire and the size of your house.

Sample Template Bi Weekly Whole House Cleaning Checklist

  1. Schedule the cleaning process

It means that you should convince that the structure of your schedule is easy to do and follow.

Sample Template Blank House Cleaning Schedule

Well, those are the useful information about the house cleaning schedule templates printable. Have a nice try!

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