Sample Interview Thank You Note Template

Interview Thank You Note: A Template to Make You Get Extra Score

Do you know that an interview thank you note have a big role for you to get job opportunity better? If you never know about it, it is a good time for you to try it. It is a simple thing but it can give a big impact for you in securing a certain position of the job you want. The question is “how can you make it?” Well, you do not need to make it by yourself. Now, you can just find and download the printable interview thank you note freely.


What Exists in the Interview Thank You Note?

There are some important things that exist on this Interview Thank You Note template. All of them are available in the blank. So, you can just fill in the blank with the details you need. Here they are.

  1. Your street address

First, you need to mention your street address. All the interviewers or employers need to know where you come from.

  1. Your city

To complete your address, you can also add your city. Make sure to also mention the state and zip code if it is available.

  1. Date of the letter

After writing your address, you can write the date when the letter is made. It can be different from the day of the interview.

  1. Name of the recipient

In this part, you need to write the correct name of the recipient completely. The recipient is someone that interviews you. So, make sure you do not write the wrong name.

  1. Job title of the recipient

When you send a letter to the interviewer, you should also write his or her job title. It will show your respect for them. This little thing will give a big appreciation to you. So, don’t ignore it.

  1. Name of the employer

Besides, the recipient, you should also write the employer’s name. When he or she reads your letter, it can possibly take their attention to you.

  1. Employer’s street address

Then, you can complete the employer identity by writing his or her address.

  1. Employer’s city, state, and zip code

To make your letter interest the employer more, you can add his or her city, state, and also zip code.

  1. Salutation

Every letter is good when it starts with a salutation. Before writing your gratitude in this interview thank you note printable, you can write a salutation. You can use, for instance, “dear…” or other polite words.

  1. Stating your gratitude

Last, you can state your thankfulness through this letter. Make sure that you use the polite and good words. You can write everything to thank the interviewer or employer for having the opportunity to become a prospective candidate.

Tips to Deal with Sample Interview Thank You Note

When you want to use a letter to say thank you for the interview done, you can follow the tips below.

  1. Limit the writings

First, you need to limit the sentences you write in the letter. It will be good if you write in only 2-3 paragraphs. When you write more, it will be ineffective.

  1. Send the letter at the right time

The time you send a letter will give a big impact to secure your job. If you send immediately after the interview, the company staff will consider you better than others to be accepted. So, just send your letter within 24 hours.

Well, that is all about interview thank you note sample you can recognize. You certainly need it when you want to get an interview after applying for a job, don’t you?

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