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6 Lease Agreement: Find the Right Template for Your Business Needs

What can you say about a lease agreement? Actually, it is the agreement template that tells one person uses other’s property for a certain time. For example is land, houses, buildings, apartments, or other things. Moreover, this printable lease agreement is provided for the parties that include the general conditions and clauses. For the format, this kind of agreement template offers the Word and PDF form. You can find so many samples of this template in the following information.

commercial rental agreement.

11 Types of Lease Agreement

In the agreement template of the lease, you will find some types of this agreement. Do you want to know those types? So, just follow these types carefully!

  1. The agreement template of real estate lease

The format of this template is available in PDF form. It covers the lease, landlord, tenant, premises, term, lease payments, security deposit, possession, use of premises, occupants, pets, and furnishings.

House Rental Agreement

  1. The agreement template of room lease

This agreement template is also available in PDF format. It contains rental units located, parties, terms, rent, and household rules.

  1. The agreement template of commercial rental

It is provided in Word form. There is the grant of lease, lease term, and extensions.

  1. The agreement template of house lease

This sample lease agreement includes some elements. They are premises, landlord, tenant, use and occupancy, possession inability, rent, premises condition, services and utilities, furnishings, repairs and alterations, and maintenance premises.

rental lease agreement1

  1. The agreement template of house rental

It shows three components such as the premises, term, and rent.

  1. The agreement template of rental lease

There will be terms, payments, security deposits, late charges, utilities, and occupants.

  1. The agreement template of residential lease

You will find the owner’s name, property manager, address, phone, tenant’s name, and occupant’s name.

  1. The agreement template of apartment lease

What about this kind of lease agreement sample? There parties, premises, act, term, rent, and rental increase.

  1. The agreement template of property lease

It is available in Word document. It tells the parties and interpretation.

  1. The agreement template of the building lease

In this template, you will see the premises, term, rent, and notice.

  1. The agreement template of boarding house tenancy

How about this one? It contains the landlord details, tenant details, and tenancy details.

residential lease agreement1

3 Advantages of the Agreement Template of Lease

You have to know that this agreement template has 3 main advantages that you can get when you write it. What are they? Here are the advantages.

  1. Flexibility

The first advantage is the asset flexibility. According to the relationship between the lessor and the lessee, an employee for whom the company leases a vehicle.

apartment lease agreement

  1. Lower-cost financing

It can be based on many different variables. A company is allowed to utilize the tax benefits that are associated with the leasing.

  1. Tax advantages

What does it mean? Yea, it means that the payments of the lease can decrease the taxable income more suitably.

building lease agreement

Considering the advantages above, you are suggested to create the lease agreement printable. To make it, you can choose one of the samples that you need.

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