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Being a marketer requires a great tool to get everything and every service achieved. That’s why a marketing checklist must always be on the hand to make sure that all marketing activities will effectively reach the target audience. This way, the checklist contributes much to keep the record of those activities and ensures that no single thing is missed out.

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Furthermore, using the checklist will allow you to predict which marketing activities that you have completed, which ones you have not and which ones that need your attention. Never feel too worry about how you would use the checklist. It is not only handy but also useful while you are listing the marketing activities.

The following examples will show you how easy you will find, download, edit and use the checklist to help you reach the marketing objectives.

Marketing Audit Checklist Template

The first free marketing checklist you may need while auditing is the marketing audit checklist template. It comes with the suggestive headings followed by two sections which are the marketing effectiveness and the marketing performance. Each section has several points related with the list of marketing activities. This checklist can be easily download in PDF file format.

Social Marketing Strategy Checklist Template

As one of the free checklists offered for marketing, this checklist template has some vibrant colors and illustration in the design to make sure that the checklist is well-structured and checked in detail. This checklist also includes the social marketing strategy to promote the products or services through social media sites.

This checklist template is available in PDF file format, meaning that you can quickly download the file as well as print it out for a quick use.

Marketing Plan Checklist Template

If you are planning a marketing activities, this checklist template can be much of an advantage. The images and decent font along with the easy format will allow you to cover all the aspects of a detailed media planning. According to some users, this marketing plan checklist template proves to be very effective in reaching the target market.

Now you can download this form in PDF file format.

Social Media Marketing Checklist Template

In these times of ours, the use of social media has become broader and even touches the whole aspect of life. Thus, using social media to conduct a marketing activities is also unavoidable. This way, the social media marketing checklist template offers vibrant colors and illustrations to support the product or service promotion using the social media platforms such as Google++, Facebook and Twitter.

Event Marketing Checklist Template

Other marketing checklist you consider while you are handling an event is event marketing checklist template. Although this checklist offers only a simple form, however, it has all you need to keep the record of the marketing activities. It includes all aspects of the event planning and marketing. Downloadable in PDF file format, you can still edit and customize the content based on your needs.

For more inspiration, you can always check out the other samples right in the following section.

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