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5 Monthly Student Report Template: Get the Right Track for the Academic Performance

Hello great students! Do you need such a monthly student report template for your study? If it is right, you can follow this kind of template. Well, this kind of printable monthly student report template is important for students. It is usually used to make sure their parents that they do good things in the school. Hence, it will be beneficial for them to continue to higher education or a professional job.

Sample Template Student Monthly Progress Report

Three Kinds of Monthly Student Report Template

There are so many models of the student reports that you can find. But, there are only three kinds that are recommended to use by students. It is because the format is simple but understandable. So, here are the kinds.

  1. Card template of free report

The first kind of sample monthly student report template is a card template of a free report. In this template, some main components should be there. They are the students’ name, level and section, and class advisor. Then, there are also the skills and abilities, personality and character, and grading system. In the skills and abilities, you will find writing, reading, speaking, and arts. In the personality and character, you will find friendly and courteous, punctual, clean and orderly, and attentive. Last, in the grading system, you will find O (Outstanding), VG (Very Good), G(Good), S(Satisfactory), and F(Fair).

Sample Template Monthly Student Performance Report

  1. Report card sample

Then, the second kind of the student report template is named the report card sample. How does it look like? Yea, the title of this template is Student Progress Report Card. Then, there is also a type of report card, the student’s name, the school, date of report, and the student’s status. Then, you will see the table that covers the subject, progress period, date, exact score, total score, and remarks. And on the bottom side, there are the teacher’s signature and parents’ signature.

Sample Template Monthly Student Report in

  1. Report template of student’s progress

Last, the report template of student’s progress is the third kind of monthly student report template sample. How about this one? Well, on the top side, there are the student’s name, grade, term, beginning, and ending. This template is divided into two columns like in a newspaper. It is a table that includes the date, assignment project test, and date. And, in the middle between two columns, there are notes.

Four Importances of Monthly Student Report

You have to know that by providing a monthly student report, there are four importances that you can get. What are they? Let’s check them out!

  1. Helps the students know

What does it mean? Yea, it means that this report template can help the student know that he or she is doing well or not.

  1. Let the students analyze the activity

Then, the second importance is allowing the students to analyze the activity that they join. Besides, they are also allowed to analyze the learning methods that they use.

  1. The students will know the items

In this case, the items are good so that they can build the confidence to perform well and do a better thing.

  1. Know the academic information

The teacher and parents can know the academic information of the students that they do in the school.

Sample Template Monthly Student Reporting Form

That is all the information about the monthly student report template printable. It includes the kinds and the importance of that template.

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