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When hiring is not as easy as you figure out, we suggest you to pick up some new hire checklists to get well-done of everything dealing with the hiring process. It is because hiring can be a complex thing to conduct. Yup, there are lots of things to consider when you have to hire new people to work for the company including the employee’s knowledge, background of study, experience, personality and etc. Furthermore, the Human Resources Department must handle the hiring process including the application selection, interview sections and other important things dealing with hiring new employee.

63. New Hire Checklist

Start your new hire now with the use of this checklist template during the transition before the new employee starts working until he/she get used to working for your company well. The checklist can also make you less stressful and make you and your new employee feel exciting.

Blank Checklist Template

Among the other types of new hire checklists, this blank checklist template is the simplest and easiest checklist to use. It comes simply with the suggestive headings and some required information details followed by the blank table to allow you to type or write the lists by yourself. This is just a flexible checklist to use since the contents of the checklist are basically based on your needs. This checklist is available to download in MS Excel, Numbers, MS Word and Pages file format.

Training Checklist Template

Entering the training section of the hiring process, several tasks must be carried out and accomplished by the staff in Human and Resource Department. To make sure that the training section runs well and result the best qualified candidates, training checklist template is much recommended to use.

Download this checklist template in Pages, Numbers, MS Word or MS Excel file format and use it soon for your importance.

Employee Checklist Template

Employee checklist template is much dealing with the way you find out the right and qualified candidates to work with you with the company. This way, make sure that the new employee you are hiring is the best one selected by the Human and Resources Department.

Like other types of checklist we list, this one can also be downloaded on Pages, Numbers, MW Word and MS Excel file format. Thus, make sure which file format you prefer to use and start downloading.

Restaurant New Hire Checklist

The next checklist you can check out here is the restaurant new hire checklist. This checklist is particularly designed for the restaurant that is about to hire a new employment. So, the list of anything dealing with the hiring process is based on the restaurant regulations. Unlike the other types of checklist, this one has other file format supporting. That is Google Docs file format. Hence, you can download this file not only in Pages and MS Word file format but also in Google Docs file format.

For more inspiration, you can check out more new hire checklists samples later on this page. Just don’t hesitate to scroll down the page.

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