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Onboarding Checklist with Word and Excel Templates

So you are looking for onboarding checklist, well, stop at this page since you are visiting the right path to get the checklists which are ready to help you for everything. This time, we come with the checklist that offers you all the great features you can optimize to make use of the checklist.

66. Onboarding Checklist

Thus, this article will not only show you the samples you can download but also inform you the features of the checklist and the guidance to create an effective onboarding checklist.

The Features of Onboarding Checklist

There are some features offered by this checklist that you can optimize. Onboarding checklist is designed as a ready-made checklist you can instantly download and easily editable. This means that after you download the checklist, you can edit the contents based on your needs.

The checklist has included the original contents. However, if you want to add a content, you can just add it into the checklist. The checklist comes also with the original artwork, fonts and images to make the checklist eye-pleased looking for those who use it.

What’s more?

Well, this checklist is available in all file formats, allowing you to choose which file format you like most. Furthermore, all the checklists we have listed here are designed by the experts and professionals. Thus, don’t worry too much about how to use the checklists. They are just well-designed.

The Samples of Onboarding Checklist

Here are the onboarding checklist samples you may need to download and use.

Free Onboarding Checklist Template

Free onboarding checklist template is designed in a printable and high-quality file. It is also simple and easy to use. This checklist can be downloaded in any file format anywhere and anytime. It supports Google Docs and sheet. It also supports either Mac OS or Windows.

If you want to use this template, it is just ready to print. The easy way of changing colors and the eye-catching title along with the suggestive headings will make you feel excited. Moreover, it has also the free standard Google fonts and portrait orientation style.

Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

Whenever you have an employee onboarding program, this kind of checklist can be used to make the process more effective. This checklist is designed as a ready-made employee checklist template to help the company take considerable actions smoothly to achieve the process for the new employed staff.

This checklist is featuring original suggestive headings and content, instant download, free standard Google fonts, portrait orientation style, printable and editable form, all file formats support and Google Docs support. This checklist is also compatible with Mac OS and Widows. Thus, there is no reason not to use this template.

Guidance to Create an Effective Onboarding Checklist

To create an effective Onboarding checklist, firstly you must make it official by including the medical examination result, school credentials and employee certificates. Secondly, confirm the employment and third, review the job description. The four step is to prepare the working environment so that the employee can work enjoyably. Finally, you could create an effective checklist to identify who the best hired employee would be on board.

To inspire you more with the checklist, here we selected some types of checklist samples.

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