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Order Receipt Template as for A Proof of Receiving Services

When you order something, both online using your phone and offline by going to the real shop, you will get an order receipt. An order receipt template must be a proof form that you have received certain services. It must be very useful to you. That is because this template might write down all the services or items you order along with the payment details. Well, let you download a printable order receipt template for free on our web. We offer you several order receipt designs in varied ideas, formats, and purposes here. Well, let’s take a look at our order receipts for further info below!

Customer Order Receipt

5+ Order Receipt Template to Edit For Free

There are some order receipt template printable printables which may suit your preferences. For your information, all our templates are available in several various formats. It includes MS Excel, MS Word, Pdf, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Apple Pages, etc. Also, they come in an editable design so that you may customize the text or information available in the template easily. Anyway, let’s check our best order receipt in these following points!

  1. Free Download Money Order Receipt Word Template
  2. Basic Sales Receipt Excel Template For Free
  3. Simple Business Receipt Business to Download Freely
  4. General Customer Order to Print Fast
  5. Apple Pages Easily Editable Receipt Sample
  6. Formal Repair Order Template in Pdf Format
  7. Services Order Receipt Form In Google Docs
  8. Goods Order Receipt Printable to Customize

Finally, all the sample order receipt template ideas mentioned above use the US standard Letter for formal purpose. Plus, its size is only available in A4 size. We have not prepared for other sizes so that you might require an A4 paper to print it yourself.

Creating A DIY Order Receipt

If you have free time, you might be able to create a DIY order receipt yourself. Thus, you must pay attention to some details below!

  1. Purpose. Every company must sell different products or offer varied services. Therefore, you must notify your definite purpose. Is your company for repair order? Or is it for money order? Well, let you think about it carefully.
  2. Company information. An order receipt could be one of your marketing tools to your sales. Then, it must include company information in details. Therefore, your customers may know your company location or contact number. Therefore, if they want to use your services, they could contact you.
  3. Complete details. It is necessary to write down all the details on your order receipt because it will be useful information to your clients. Our templates are informative. They have details such as the date, invoice serial number, monetary amount, discount, lists of product or services, terms and conditions, etc.

Sales Order Receipt

Finally, an order receipt template sample design must be a helpful template to inform the customers about the services they order. Get and download this template for free on our web soon.

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