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Orientation Checklist Templates To Organize Successful Recruitment

To let the onboarding process runs smoothly, the new employee orientation must be done well. This is when an orientation checklist comes into play. Yup, the new employees’ first day working is always significant and important. Therefore, they will fill out the paperwork and get acquainted with the team to start knowing the workplace.

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This checklist is designed for orientation to get the successful recruitment. In this regard, the checklist can be either created or downloaded. Thus, this article is going to share you the tips to create the checklist as well as the checklist samples you can download instantly.

5 Tips To Create Orientation Checklist

Here are the 5 tips you can follow to create a good orientations checklist.

  1. Explain the regular procedures for the new hire employees.
  2. Provide administrative support such as the HR forms, background check forms, contracts and other legal documents of the company.
  3. Explain the policies that the new employees should be aware of.
  4. Introduce the new employees to the direct manager, HR team and the other resources whom they will communicate with.
  5. Provide the basic resources including computer and company websites.

Orientation Checklist Template Examples

There are numerous examples of orientation checklist that may suits your needs. They are just ready to print and use.

Basic Orientation Checklist Template

Basic orientation checklist template is very important checklist to make the orientation process easy and smooth not only for you but also for your company and the new recruit. Once you download this template, you can edit the contents based on your needs. This is because the checklist is featuring customization and editable.

Standard Orientation Checklist Template

The standard orientation checklist template is very useful in assisting you to help your new employees know more about the organization easily. Available in Word and Pages file format, this checklist is easy to download and edit. You can even edit the highlighted text and replace it with your necessary input.

HR Employee Orientation Checklist Template

This kind of checklist template can powerfully help the new hired employees to understand the organization guidelines. This checklist can be downloaded in Word, Pages and PDF file format. Download this checklist template soon and find it effective and easy to help you get done with the task of organizing new hired employees.

Organized Orientation Checklist Template

The next examples of orientation checklist you may need is the organized orientation checklist template. This one covers all the topics you can insert into the checklist. Thus, your new hired employees will understand their course of work. This checklist is available only in PDF file format along with the size of 264KB.

Simple Orientation Checklist Template

Simple orientation checklist provides you the list of all the details that the new hire employees need once they work for the company. The details include the information about supervisor, responsibilities and the resources. The customization feature allows you to edit the content based on your needs.

To inspire you ore with the orientation checklist, you can instantly refer to the following samples later on this page.

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