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Plumbing Receipt Template: The Best Receipt to Simplify a Transaction

Plumbing is a certain job that is needed by many companies. With the existence of a plumber, clients can get the best service when they need water to go to their company. To simplify the transaction between the plumber and the clients, they must need a plumbing receipt template. With the printable plumbing receipt template, they do need to make a draft by themselves. Everything they need related to the plumbing receipt is available on this template. So, make every transaction easier and simpler with it.

Plumbing Receipt Template Word

General Details on the Header of the Plumbing Receipt Template

Some details of the plumbing receipt can be found on this template. So, you can just fill in the blanks and get a good record for every transaction. Well, here are the general details you can find on this template header.

  • Invoice Number

First, there is an invoice number to fill in. This detail can prevent you from picking the wrong receipt. With a clear invoice, you can just find the number when you need to review or recheck the receipt you have made before.

  • Date

The invoice will be clearer with the existence of the date. This detail will remind you of the time when you make a transaction.

  • The name of the buyer

Then, while making a transaction, you, as a plumber, certainly need to know who you sold your product to. Fortunately, this template provides this detail. So, you can just write the detail on the available blank.


Five Details to Fill on the Table of This Template

The sample plumbing receipt template also has some blanks in the table to fill in. Here are some details you may need in the transaction process.

  • Quantity

A quantity of merchandise or other products is the most important matter to write on the receipt. That is why this detail is provided in this template.

  • Unit

After quantity, a unit is also important to provide in the plumbing receipt. It will describe how many kinds of you need you to sell to your customers.

  • Item

The next detail to mention in this template is the item. The plumber and the client need to know the item description when they make a transaction.

  • Price

This detail needs to exist on the plumbing receipt since it will explain how much cost the client should pay. Thus, it can make a clear record of the payment in every unit that the client pay.

  • Total

The last detail on this template’s table is the total price. It explains the total payment for the client. The total price is determined by the quantity and unit of the products.


Benefits of Using the Plumbing Receipt Template Printable

When you use this template, you will get a few benefits as follows.

  1. Serve your company to have good tracks for any details
  2. Track the transaction history made by client and plumber
  3. Record the service or product sales
  4. Provide well-ordered document for business and client or customer

Well, that is all about the plumbing receipt template sample you can know. Everything related to the transaction will be easier with it.

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