Pre Layoff Checklist Template Sample

How To Create Pre Layoff Checklist Completed With Samples

Is it really good idea to use pre layoff checklist in laying off the employees either because of the company’s low finance or the employees’ poor performance? Why not? A pre layoff checklist is just one of the great tools to help you layoff a person in a respectful manner. Sometimes, it is a must due to the certain factors that require you to make such decision.

73. Pre Layoff Checklist

To help you get done with the dignified employee termination, here we have selected the tips how to create the checklist for pre layoff completed with the samples you can download.

How to Create Pre Layoff Checklist

The following are the information dealing with the tips how to create a checklist for the end of employment. The tips include the ways you should do based on the checklist on your hands.

  1. Invite a staff of Human Resources and Development or the employee’s direct supervisor to have discussion and find out why the employee need to be terminated.
  2. Start making a checklist and list down what to do for the employee termination.
  3. In the checklist, include the following:
  • The links to career center resources.
  • A reference letter that he/she can use to apply to the other companies.
  • The script to guide you how to speak and what to speak dealing with the employee termination.
  • The purpose of the meeting you hold for employee termination.
  • A message and script for not only affected employees but also the unaffected ones.
  • A list of questions that the employees may ask.
  1. Look for an appropriate coaching from Human Resources and Development if you have no idea in handling the layoff process.

Pre Layoff Checklist Samples

There are some pre layoff checklist samples you can check out of this article both for laying off and terminating an employee. You don’t have to worry about which kind of layoff checklist that will suit you as we come with the large number of samples. Try to have a look at two of them right in the following:

Checklist Pre Layoff Template

Checklist pre layoff template is deigned very simply. It comes with the suggestive heading and a list of things to do before you lay off an employee. This checklist template is available to download at Google Docs, MS Word and Pages file format. Hence, you can just which format you want to use and download the file soon for a quick use.

Checklist Pre Termination Template

Like the pre layoff template, this checklist pre termination template also comes very simply with the suggestive headings and list of what to do dealing with employment termination. This template can be downloaded in MS Word and Pages file format along with A4 and US letter size.

For more inspirations, we have still more options of pre layoff checklist on this page. scroll down the page and find the most suitable checklist to help you handle the termnation process well without any difficulty.

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