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15 Property Inventory Template: Choose the Most Suitable Kind for You

If you are an agent or a rental business, you should have and create a property inventory template. Exactly, this template will help you to record your properties, the owners’ details, rental details, payment dates, and others. Thus, it can cover all your needs of the business. Well, in this following information, you are suggested to know some kinds of this printable property inventory template. Are you curious about them? Let’s check them out one by one!

Address of Property Inventory Template PDF

15 Kinds of Property Inventory Template

This kind of inventory template has fifteen kinds that you can use to support your business. What are they?

  1. The template of download property inventory

It shows the property’s description, the serial number, and the funding source.

  1. The template of verification household

It is available in PDF form. There are some categories in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Each category shows the quantity or condition.

Furnishing Property Inventory PDF Template

  1. The template of survey inventory

There are some components like conservatory items, dining room, kitchen, and office.

  1. The template of simple PDF

In this sample property inventory template, the components of the living room, dining room, hallway, and kitchen show the beginning and ending condition.

Information Guidance Of Property Inventory Template

  1. The template of property records inventory

It is provided in Excel form. You will find the property’s description, the serial number, and the property’s source.

  1. The template of personal inventory

It covers the category, item’s description, brand name, source, quantity, replacement, and total value.

  1. The template of rented property inventory

It includes utilities and living room. Utilities cover the item, description, and instruction manual. Then, the living room covers the item, model, condition, and quantity.

Personal Property Inventory Template1

  1. The template of simple home inventory

It includes the item description, room, purchase date, store, item condition, and price.

  1. The template of rental property condition

This form covers some exterior items, move-in comments, and move-out comments.

  1. The template of property risk assessment

In this template, there are a property map, reason, samples, and description.

  1. The template of furnishing property

As you know that it is available in PDF form. Here, you will find some aspects like quantity, description, condition at check-in, and condition at check out.

Property Inventory Template

  1. The template of information guidance inventory

You can know that there are some aspects of this property inventory template sample. They are the description, purchase price, and serial number model.

Property Risk Assessment Inventory Template

  1. The template of printable home checklist

It is also available in PDF form. This template covers the item, description, manufacturer, and price paid.

  1. The template of free personal inventory

This worksheet includes item, quantity, the item’s description, cost, and store name.

  1. The template of addressing inventory

It covers some categories like the entrance, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Each of them shows you the quantity or condition.

Some Important Utilities in Property Template

You have to recognize that some main utilities should available in a property template. What are they? Here they are.

  1. Devaluation
  2. Costs
  3. Tenant security deposit
  4. Tenant credit check
  5. Payment dates

Property Survey Inventory Document

Those are the information about the property inventory template printable that you can know. You are allowed to choose one of the kinds that are appropriate for your business needs.

Property Inventory Sample Template

Rental Property Condition Inventory Documentation Sample Address of Property Inventory Template in Pdf Sample Equipment Property Records Inventory Template In Pdf Simple Home Property Inventory Spreadsheet Simple PDF Template to Property Inventory Personal Property Inventory Template Printable Home Inventory Checklist PDF1 Rented Property Inventory and Utilities Template

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