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4 Quality Agreement Template Examples Free contains 15 Important Elements

Quality is always number one so that it defeats the products at cheap costs. Most people assume products at high costs always have good or high quality. It turns out more than 80% of the answers are true. Meanwhile, the quality agreement template appears in a lot of business sectors. They always say about the quality of their products or services in the promotion. Not all of them say true only just a statement to get many customers’ intentions. For more information on the printable quality agreement template, watch below!


 9 Quality Agreement Templates Examples in PDF and Doc Free Download

Today, it will discuss the sample quality agreement template. Nevertheless, this page starts by outlining the definition of the agreement first. The agreement of quality defines responsibilities and the specific parameter of the quality from a project. To be honest, the terms and the conditions depend on the project that it handles. The most important thing the agreement can cover all things should include the content.

Supplier Quality Agreement

Does not worry everything looks for here has complete information. You can watch them that free download in PDF and Doc such as below:

  1. Agreement Acknowledgement of Supplier Quality
  2. Agreement Template of Quality Assurance
  3. Template of Customer Quality Agreement
  4. Doc Template for Quality Agreement
  5. General Agreement Template of Quality with Supplier
  6. Supplier Agreement of Quality
  7. Agreement Template of Quality for Supplier and Client
  8. Template for Quality Agreement of Sub-Contractor
  9. Agreement Template of Manufacturer’s Quality

General Quality Agreement with Supplier

15 Elements to write the Agreement of Quality

Usually, an agreement only has five up to eight elements to write. However, the quality agreement templates sample has 15 elements to include such as below:

  • Genuine Documentation

You must save the original documentation that contains things need in the agreement.

  • Control change

While undergoing the agreement, it is very possible to get change. Here, you must control by giving approval before making the change. Add timeline and execution.

  • Matrix’s responsibilities

Matrix’s responsibility is a table to break down both parties’ liabilities. You must write it completely and comprehensively.

  • Detailed Contact Person

The agreement must inform on all parties’ contact detail. Besides that, it ready to make a change if any change or it leaves the agreement.

  • Discuss the material inspection, testing, also releasing

It should discuss the inspection of the material then go on testing. Both steps must conduct before releasing them in the market.

  • Control of label

Describe the product on the label and you may ask for someone with a high skill to do it.

  • Rejected material

The agreement also needs to give space discus on the rejected space that you cannot avoid.

  • Handle the complaint

You should include the terms for the solution to complain quickly.

  • Resolution of disputes

Next, it ensures both parties will handle or settle any disagreement immediately.

  • Product review annually

The agreement manages both parties and involved parties to review the products one a year.

  • Recall of the product

It must govern the terms of product recall from the stores if the quality is not appropriate to the agreement.

  • Retention of the record

It turns out the agreement also manages who will save this record and how she/ he does it.

  • Reworking of the product

You may rework the product recall by improving the quality but you must know if it may repair or not.

  • Product specification

The agreement must state the requirements to justify the change.

  • Samples of retention

The template also governs the retention samples in the stores without any payment.

Quality Agreement between Supplier and Client

Okay, those are a lot of information on quality agreement template printable. It is amazing!

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