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8 Real Estate Sales Agreement: A Template to Legal the Transaction

A real estate sales agreement can be defined as a written contract to make the selling and purchasing legal and documented. So, if you have a deal as a buyer and seller of this agreement, you will sign it. Then, it will help you identify the terms and conditions of the contract. To know it more, you can check the samples of the printable real estate sales agreement below.

Real Estate Purchase Sale Agreement in PDF

10 Samples of the Real Estate Sales Agreement

You have to recognize that this real estate sales template has 10 samples that are mainly used by many people in their company. Here are the samples that you can know.

  1. The agreement template of real estate buy and sell

It is available in PDF form. It covers the property description, purchase price, method of payment, and title insurance.

  1. The agreement template of real estate purchase/sale format

This template covers the agreement of purchase and sale schedule, deposit, financing, closing date, and conveyance.

  1. The agreement template of commercial real estate sale

In this sample real estate sales agreement, you will find the agreement to purchase or sell. It is usually called as commercial property. The components are such as financing, deposit, loan application, and others.

Real Estate Purchase Sale Agreement Format

  1. The agreement template of real estate purchase and sale

It is provided in PDF form. The components are the seller’s and buyer’s names, leases, property, purchase price, earnest money, contingency, and buyer’s access to the property before closing.

Real Estate Sales Agreement Template

  1. The agreement template of right to sale market property

It covers some elements like the owner, property address, price, property description, and fee.

  1. The agreement template of standard for sale of real estate

How about this real estate sales agreement sample? It contains the elements of buyer, seller, address, property, buyer’s and seller’s relationship with a licensed broker, and dual designated agency.

Sale of House Agreement Template

  1. The agreement template of standard real estate sale

It will show the agreement, witnesseth, selling price, deed, transfer of title, possession, representation, and insurance.

Commercial Real Estate Sale Agreement Example

  1. The agreement template of real estate purchase and sale format

This template format contains the key terms and conditions, survey, purchase price of property, possession, earnest money, inspection, and leased based point. Besides, there is also a brokerage relationship in the transaction, time limit of the offer, and comment to share non-public information.

Standard Real Estate Sale Agreement

  1. The agreement template of residential real estate sale

It includes the definitions and price property descriptions.

  1. The agreement template to sell real estate

This last kind covers the legal description, purchase price, proration, restrictions, easements, limitations, default by buyer and seller, and termite inspection.

Agreement to Sell Real Estate Template

5 Simple Steps to Write an Agreement of Real Estate Sales

Here are the simple steps that you have to do.

  1. Find the form

Just choose a preferable form that is suitable for your needs.

  1. Format the document

Please open the file and start creating it in the format of the document.

  1. Identify the parties

Describe the parties and the property in detail.

  1. Describe the terms and conditions

Convince that the terms and conditions are described clearly.

  1. Explain the disputes solving

You can write the clauses that can help to solve any problem.

Real Estate Purchase Sale Agreement Format 1

Well, it can be a good source for you about the real estate sales agreement printable. Have a nice learn!

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