Receipt Template Sample

Receipt Template: The Various and Easy Way to Create It

Sales receipt template can you usually get when buying something in a store. Likewise, you run a business then you need something to record what items have been purchased by customers. In general, a receipt of goods uses a note to record any purchase. This will be a valid transaction symbol. Both in small shops and large stores already have their printable sales receipt template. Many stores use it to make them record efficiently.

Sample Receipt Template

The Various of Receipt Template

People use 2 common types of a sales receipt template printable, in the form of handwriting and computer results. You can use a computer to make it instantly or use traditional methods, namely by hand. You can use a memorandum to record every item purchased by a customer. Typically, this type is used for some stores that do not put the price of the product on the storefront. You need basic writing and counting skills when recording it.

You can create it using computers like commonly used in large stores or online shops. It will makes the transactions be easier. Choose any template choice to make it. Only need to choose a simple design and then put your logo at the top of the design.

You should record the transaction quickly because the customer does not always want to wait for a long time.

Easy Ways to Make Receipt Templates

  1. Using a computer

Receipt templates created using a computer can be done easily and quickly. You need to make it using Microsoft Office on your laptop / personal computer.

  • Microsoft Word

You can make a sample sales receipt template in Ms. Word. Follow these steps.

  • For the first, click on File.
  • Click New to create a document.
  • Choose Receipts.
  • Choose anything design that you like.
  • Microsoft Excel

Not only in Ms. Word, but you can also create it in Ms. Excel. This is the steps :

  • Open Ms. Excel.
  • Click File.
  • Click New to create a document.
  • Choose Receipts.
  • Choose anything design which you like.
  • PDF

You can create a design that signifies your sales receipt template sample. To make it, you can use Ms. Word then add characteristics that indicate that it is your own. After that, save the file by changing the document type to PDF. The document will automatically be saved as a PDF file. Or you can also save it in Ms. document format. Word is then converted into a PDF file.

  1. Using a handwriting

You can also make it using your handwriting. You need a plain or lined paper and then write down what items the customer buys. Besides, you can also buy a memorandum for those of you who prefer neat handwriting.

You don’t need to feel difficult to make your own template. You can download the best template provided here. You just choose and use it according to taste and needs.

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