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8 Referral Agreement Template: Finding the Best Form

Have you known about a referral agreement template? Actually, it can be described as the agreement that tells many prospective clients or channels. It is done between companies or individuals. Then, this printable referral agreement template is used in exchange for compensation for the job. So, there will be some different types of referral agreements that you can choose. Greatly, it will help you create the best templates for the referral program.

Commission Referral Agreement Template

7 Types of the Referral Agreement Template

This referral template will tell 7 types that you can use in your company. Do you want to know those types? Please follow this information carefully!

  • The agreement template of the referral agent

This agreement template covers the effective date, the consideration, and referrals. The referrals are written in a list form.

  • The agreement template of medical referral

This template kind tells types of care management transition. It contains two elements, pre-consultation exchange and formal consultation (referral for advice).

Loan Referral Agreement Sample

  • The agreement template of loan referral sample

What about this sample referral agreement template? It includes the effective date, parties, recitals, engagement, independent contractor, compensation, indemnification, and term.

Marketing Referral Agreement Template

  • The agreement template of client referral

In this kind of agreement template, you will know that it tells the client referral fee agreement. There are the client information, broker information, agreement, referring broker, date, company name, and recipient broker.

Medical Referral Agreement Template

  • The agreement template of sales referral

You will see the agreement, effective date, referral partner, background, approved prospect, referral period, and others.

  • The agreement template of referral commission

This referral agreement template sample will show the agreement, broker, and name of the company. Then, the agreement is written in a list form.

Sales Referral Agreement Template

  • The agreement template of marketing referral

There will be some main elements in this template. Those elements are the agreement, effective date, company, referring party, engagement, opportunity, activities, registered opportunity, potential buyer, compensation and payment, schedule, and fees.

Agent Referral Agreement Template

5 Simple Steps to Write a Referral Agreement

When you will make a referral agreement, you should pay attention to the following steps. So, what are the steps? Let’s check them in detail!

  • Describe the parties

You have to know that this step is classified into the most important one is creating a referral template. In this case, you should recognize the parties who are involved in this agreement. Besides, please give all the details that are needed like parties’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and others.

  • Qualification of the referrals

It means that you have to know the qualification of each referral. It will help you comprehend each employee you will hire better.

  • Payment methods

Knowing the methods of payment is also an important step that you should do. It can be cash, credit, debit card, cheque, net banking, or in installments.

Business Referral Agreement Template

  • Referral expiry

It will help you to know the expiry date of this referral. Besides, it is also used to renew the contract to continue getting referrals from the agency.

  • Revenue commission

You can make a bote of all the credits and returns that you get from the business. It can be taxes, duties, or tariffs.

Client Referral Agreement Template

Those are the information about the referral agreement template printable that you can learn. Choose one of the types that you want.

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