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4 Relationship Agreement Templates: A Template to Keep Intimate Relationships

Hi, happy couple! Do you want to have an agreement to binding your relationship well? If so, you need to consider relationship agreement templates. With several kinds of printable relationship agreement templates, you can legally bind your intimate relationship. After having this template, both of you will assure that none of you will marry anyone else. Also, you can start sharing some important things like financial obligations, responsibilities, and others under an agreement. So, this template will support you make a more serious relationship with your couple than just boyfriend or girlfriend.

relationship agreement sample

How to Start Creating Relationship Agreement Templates

There are some basic steps you need to consider when you want to make an agreement template of your relationship by yourself. What are they? Have a good look at the explanation below to get the answer. Here we go.

  1. State the purpose

First, to make the purpose of your agreement is important. So, you should write why the relationship agreement templates printable are being created. The reasons can be financial obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters.

relationship agreement

  1. Prevent writing the past in the agreement

The bad past event should not be included in your agreement. Something like a provision that is irrelevant to the purpose of the agreement is not necessary to put in the draft of your agreement.

  1. Write a provision related to disclosure

This third step is important to consider to avoid misunderstanding between you and your couple. In this step, both you and your partner should be honest with each other related to some matters. They are like trouble with the law, and also finances and existing debts. Besides, they should be honest about whether or not he or she is married before, having children from the past relationship, and others. Thus, everything will be clear to see your future with your couple under this agreement.

Cohabitation Agreement

  1. Promise to spend time with each other

This step can help both of you to ensure that you will stay together. You can spend your leisure several hours a week together or make creative activities to enjoy together.

3 Elements of Good Sample Relationship Agreement Templates

After knowing the steps, you should also know well the elements of the agreement. Here they are.

  1. Transparency

First, it is important to let your couple know where you are or what you are doing. Thus, he or she will get a good sense of their relationship security.

  1. Communication

Often talking to one another will be good to help your relationship become open and transparent. So, make sure you keep it well.

  1. Providing sacred space

Last, you can provide it to have dating with your couple without any distraction. In this place, you can talk about everything related to your relationship intimately. This condition is good to keep your good relationship.

General Relationship Agreement

Well, that is all you need to know related to relationship agreement templates sample. If you need drafts to make a relationship agreement, just visit this page and choose the available templates that you like. Have a nice exploring and download the template that fits your needs and desires.

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