Repair Invoice Template Sample

Repair Invoice: 5 Recommended Kinds of Template

Are you looking for a repair invoice? And, do you need a document of repairing service? If both questions are right, you are very suggested to give your best attention to this useful information. Well, when you need the printable repair invoice for the billing purposes, don’t worry! You are able to use five kinds of repair invoices. Just get them in this following information!

Repair Invoice

5 Kinds of Repair Invoice Template You Can Apply

Based on the sample repair invoice, there are so many kinds that you can use. However, just five kinds are recommended and usually used by many people to develop their business. What are they? Here are the available for you.

  1. Computer Repair Invoice Template

The first kind of repair invoice template is called a computer repair invoice template. How does it look like? Yea, in this template, there will be some important components that should be there. The first one is the date and the due date. The second one is customer personal details and computer information. For customer personal details, it covers the name, address, and phone. And for computer information, it covers product name, model, serial number, adaptor, and battery status. Besides, it is also followed by job descriptions, delivery date, time date account, and amount.

  1. Vehicle Repair Invoice Template

The second repair invoice printable is named vehicle repair invoice template. There are some components in this template, especially in the first table like customer information, vehicle information, job performed, hours, rate, and amount. In the customer information, you will see a name, address, phone number, and email address. And for vehicle information, it covers to make, model, year, and color. Also, there are a part name, quantity, unit price, and amount in the second table.

  1. Auto Repair Estimate Invoice Template

Then, this repair invoice sample is classified into the third kind. How about this one? Yea, it includes company name, address, phone number, and email address. For the vehicle info, there is a year, make, model, and color. Besides, you will also find a name, address, phone number, and email address. Actually, it is for the customer info. And for other components, there are services performed, part name, quantity, unit price, and amount.

  1. Auto Repair Service Invoice Template

The fourth kind of printable invoice is named auto repair service invoice template. You should know that this kind of template covers company info, customer info, vehicle information, labor description, amount, city, unit price, and amount. For the company info, it includes company name, address, city, and phone number. Then, for the customer info, it is the same as the company info. Furthermore, the vehicle information covers some aspects like make, model, year, registration, license and state, color, mileage, VIN, and odometer reading.

  1. Auto Body Repair Invoice Template

The last kind of sample invoice is the auto body repair invoice template. This template covers company name, address, city and state, and ZIP code. Then, there are also aspects of the year, make, model, color, description, quantity, unit price, and line total. In addition, on the bottom left side, you will find the customer owes.

Well, those are five recommended kinds of repair invoice template that you can use. Have a nice choice!

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