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5 Salary Receipt Template for Company Usage

Do you own a company? Then, you must have some employees work with you. Well, you must give them a salary as it has been their right after working hard for all days. When giving a salary, you might use a salary receipt template to your workers to enable them to read the payment info clearly. This item is useful for both you and your employees to be as a part of important payment billing which might be necessary for the future. If your worker finds out its printable salary receipt template does not suit his working hours, for instance, you could check the template. Well, to get this template, you may visit our web and download it.

Salary Declaration Receipt

15 Best Salary Receipt Templates for You

There are several helpful salary receipt template printable designs which become our best collection. These templates have been recommended by many people and have already got 5 stars. Well, all of our templates are available in a different format. They might be available in Word, Excel, Pdf, Apple Pages, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Numbers. Now, let’s check our best-varied salary receipt in these following details!

  1. Free Download Salary Receipt Word Template
  2. Simple Excel Cash Receipt Design
  3. Deposit Receipt Template to Edit Easily
  4. Deposit Receipt Sample to Download Freely
  5. Tax Receipt Template For Free
  6. Basic Acknowledgement Receipt Template
  7. General Receipt Excel Template
  8. Blank Receipt Template in MS Word
  9. Standard Official Receipt Spreadsheet
  10. Monthly Salary Payment Receipt in Pdf Format
  11. Daily Salary Acknowledgement in Doc
  12. Salary Advance Apple Pages Receipt
  13. Employee Salary Slip in MS Excel
  14. Salary complain In Google Docs
  15. Salary Reduction Election Template

Salary Payment Receipt Template

All those fifteen recommended templates above are available in the US standard language with A4 size. Plus, they all have an editable and customizable design. Therefore, you might be able to edit the sample salary receipt template with your PC to suit your details. Feel free to download our template in any design and idea you like most.

Kinds of Different Salary Receipt

Are you going to create a DIY salary receipt? Then, you need to know the kinds of salary receipt itself first. Let’s check the information below!

  1. Salary payment receipt. This first salary receipt is going to be given to the employees in the day they get their salary. This receipt might be divided into three types. They are daily, weekly, and monthly salary payment.
  2. Salary advance receipt. This receipt is for those who need cash before their payment day. Of course, they will get cash in case they will not get their salary payment for one week or month.
  3. Salary complaint receipt. This receipt exists for those whose salary does not suit their working hour. They might always come to work, but in the salary printable they are written to be absent for two days, for instance. Then, they might use salary complaint receipt to tell their complaints.

Salary Reduction Receipt

Finally, a salary receipt template sample is a helpful item a company should give to the employees who work there.

Salary Receipt Sample Template

Employee Salary Salary Advance Receipt

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