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Sample Commercial Invoice: 5 Styles You May Need the Most

When you are working in advertisement field, you may need some sample commercial invoice. This kind of invoice will help you the way you connect with the customer. Since the advertisement business is quite busy, all you need is to find and prepare the printable sample commercial invoice. And for your information, there are many styles of the invoice for the advertisement business. But don’t worry because there will be an explanation below for your knowledge.

Commercial Invoice Format

5 Sample Commercial Invoice Styles

Below is the explanation of 5 sample commercial invoice styles that you may find a suit with your need.

  1. Blank commercial style

There are many blank sample commercial invoice templates provided here. The blank style doesn’t mean that the template is without any written text, but there is some detailed structure. Usually, the blank style will suit for an export order and another kind of commercial shipping that required many details.

The invoice has a nice appearance with a big table describing the item and the prices. If you own big advertisement companies, this is the one that may suit your need.

  1. Detailed style

For this style, the sample commercial invoice template has more detail structure in it. This one is more detail compared to the previous style. In this format, the template begins with the table for items of shipping and delivery. It also contains another table to describe the shipping details as well. By using this style, your invoice will be so much great because it tells the detail of the order.

  1. Flexible style

The next style is called flexible style. Flexible means that you can elaborate framework of pre-structured of the sample commercial invoice printable that you can edit easily. Not only printable but also editable and suit with your need mainly if you need to enter important data on the invoice. There are designated fields that will help you to input specific data.

Commercial Invoice templates

  1. Simple style

The next sample invoice for a commercial purpose is simple style. This style is kind of basic invoice and suitable for both small and big companies. The printable invoice begins with the detail of your company. There is a field for your company’s logo.   The other part of the invoice will be the place to describe the shipping and goods information.

  1. Modern style

This invoice style starts with the details from three parties. They are the seller, buyer, and the salesperson. The invoice sample for this style also offers a space to provide full data for the order including the items, order description, price, and additional notes.

Lucky that you can now easily find the invoice sample for your commercial or advertisement purpose here on the website. You can now start to browse the template and find the best that suits your need.

Blank Commercila Invoice templates

Choose the editable invoice so you can easily make your own invoice if the customer comes to you. Look carefully the template file to make sure that you can edit it later at any time. Enjoy your time finding the best sample commercial invoice for your company.

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