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7 Sample Delivery Receipt Template: The Best Proof For The Sent Items

Do you have a delivery service business? If so, you certainly need the best receiving sheet to be proof of the transaction. It can also prove that the items are received by the customers. In this matter, the sample delivery receipt template will be useful for you. Generally, the printable delivery receipt template has a suitable design and format to help you provide the best receipt for your customers. So, find and download it when you need.

Food Delivery Receipt Example Template

General Details Exist On This Sample Delivery Receipt Template

When you want to have the best receipt for the delivery service, you will meet some details as follows.

  1. Receipt number

The number is the most important detail to write in the delivery service receipt. So, people know that this is valid. So, the first thing to consider from this receipt is the number. That is why this template provides it to fill in.

Format of Goods Delivery Receipt

  1. Date

To know the certain time of serving your customer, you need to write the date on the receipt. This matter is available on this delivery receipt template printable.

  1. Company name

You can consider this matter to show the identity of your company. So, this template provides a space to write your company name on the receipt.

Glasses Delivery Receipt Word 1

  1. Customers’ details

For this matter, you can write your name, address, and phone number that are provided by this template.

  1. Quantity

With this template, you can get information on the quantity of the items sent to you.

  1. Description

Besides quantity, there is also space to gove a short description of the items sent.

  1. Price per package

While doing a transaction, the customers need to know the price per package they should pay. So, this matter is provided in this template.

  1. Number of packages

Besides price, this template also lets you give information about a number of the package.

  1. Total price

The last, this template explains the total price that the customer should pay.

Eight Kinds Of Delivery Receipt Template

In this delivery template, there will be eight kinds that you can use in the delivery service business. Let’s check them out!

  1. Template of food delivery

This receipt form offers the delivery service of food. There is food for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

  1. Template of glasses delivery

It shows name, address, distance, and eyeglasses features.

  1. template of delivery mail

It includes name, address, date, time, and signature.

  1. The example of food delivery

This receipt covers food service vendors for breakfast, lunch, and snack.

  1. The Template of delivery confirmation

It shows the statement that the customer has received the products and services.

  1. The format of goods delivery

This receipt template includes make, model, and description of goods.

  1. The sample of delivery receipt

It provides the statement of vehicle delivery and final payment.

  1. An example of a free brochure delivery

This receipt gives the client formal agreement about the brochure delivery.

Hand Delivery Mail Receipt Format

That is all about the details in the delivery receipt template sample and the available types for you. Download one of them every time you need it.

Sample Delivery Receipt Template

Sample Delivery Receipt Template Example Broucher Delivery Receipt Example Delivery Conformation Receipt Template

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