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5 Sample Proforma Invoice Ends Misunderstanding through 10 Types Ideas

Up to know, there are still many people unable to differentiate between the proforma invoice and invoice. Both include as part of sales and marketing business activities, indeed. However, both keep not similar where the sample proforma invoice will explain it clearly. Besides showing 10 examples, this page discusses the difference between both invoice types. Definitely, it really makes everyone understand and know when to use them. Okay, let’s end this misunderstanding as well download all sample proforma invoice templates. After this, you surely will use it correctly.

Proforma Invoice

10 Sample Proforma Invoice Printable Ideas for Selling Business

The template is the latest tool to make invoice easier, faster, but the result keeps looking professional. Nowadays, numerous companies leave the manual invoice method and move on the template. One of them is the service and product selling a business using the template to provide invoice and proforma invoice. Talking about the printable sample proforma invoice, this page has promised 10 sample ideas and you can see them below:

  1. Business Proforma Invoice Sample

The template has an order to fill from the name and contact detail of your business field. Continue to the invoice data, customer’s details, shipping details, and item description.

Proforma Invoice templates 2

  1. Free Proforma Invoice Template

The first step to create the invoice is with inputting the company’s sender and the company receiver details. After this, you still have a section on the remark and a table on the product description.

  1. Sample of DHL Proforma Invoice Download

It starts with giving the information on sending the company and then the receiver (company). Next, there are terms of service description and delivery.

Proforma Invoice templates 1

  1. Sample Proforma Invoice Template

The printable invoice of sample proforma also begins from the seller information details. Furthermore, it continues on the consigner, invoice details, date of export, and so on.

Business Proforma Invoice templates 1

  1. Proforma Invoice Free Download

Well, the invoice template provides every information on standard proforma invoice. Exactly, it is such as customer data, invoice data, stock reference, good description, and the country of origin.

  1. Proforma Invoice Template
  2. Simple Proforma Invoice
  3. Basic Proforma Invoice
  4. Simple Proforma Invoice Template
  5. Printable Free Proforma Invoice Template

Invoice and Proforma Invoice: See the Difference!

That invoice printable of proforma invoice sample is necessarily enough to explain all. Nonetheless, this page still asks for finding out the differences through its definition and utility. It is clear that an invoice is a legal document giving to the customer as the transaction evidence or confirmation. The company gives it after the financial transaction finish. However, people may use it to bill customers or clients’ payment. In addition, the invoice itself has wider coverage in which it is useful for any business field.

Meanwhile, the proforma invoice is only for selling and purchasing the business. It arrives at the customer before the service or product convey to them. The invoice helps to estimate the price that the customers must pay. You can also use it to record all product estimation which customer will purchase. In fact, it includes a temporary invoice because the character is informal. So, you may use you it as the formal bill to your clients.

DHL Proforma

Now, it looks clear that between the proforma invoice and invoice are the real difference. If you still want to assure it again, quite download and customize the sample proforma invoice. Good luck!

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