Sample Weekly Checklist Template

Weekly Checklist Template For Your Effective Weekly Activities

Be productive with our weekly checklist template no matter you are working in a local company or just staying at home with your family. It is because being productive will be good for both body and soul as you will meet new people, new challenge, new situation and etc. How you would handle all the things in life either at work or at home will show what kind of person you are.


In this concern, we would like to share you the idea of using weekly checklist to increase your productivity, creativity and ability to manage everything. In this case, there are many things to cover dealing with the activities management, cleaning and maintenance operations, supervision, inventory and more. Thus, we suggest you use the weekly checklist to organize them all easily and effectively.

Here are the best selected weekly checklist packed in our collection.

Blank Weekly Checklist Template

Blank weekly checklist template is considered as the simplest and easiest checklist for everyone since it provides the users with the freedom to include the contents by themselves. Surely, the contents must be based on their own needs.

Once you download this checklist template, you can instantly use it by writing the tasks in the task column. It is basically based on your necessity. The other columns are available to let you fill the other required information related with the tasks.

Motor Vehicle Weekly Safety Checklist

If you want to ensure the safety for your ride, make sure you conduct a motor safety inspection weekly by using this checklist. Yup, this motor vehicle weekly safety checklist is created to let you find the information about your vehicle so that you can determine the maintenance. As a result, you will have a safety ride with your motor.

Now this checklist template is available to download in PDF file format. Thus, you can be able to download the checklist quickly and easily.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist Template

Weekly cleaning checklist template is just another weekly checklist template you can use right now. It helps you much in managing and doing the household chores especially in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. It is because those are the most active spots for your life every day.

This checklist is very easy to understand due to the fact that the checklist has a clear heading and a list of tasks which are categorized into sections. It is aimed to make you easily carry out the tasks.

Now you can download this checklist template in PDF file format with 61.5 KB. If you think of going to use this checklist, don’t hesitate to download and print it as more as you need it.

Weekly Equipment Checklist Template

Make sure all of the equipment either in your office or in your house works properly so that you will have no problem in carrying out the responsibilities and duties. This way, you can consider using weekly equipment checklist template to help you maintain your equipment and ensure their condition.

Find other samples of weekly checklist template later on this page and download the most-wanted one.

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