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5 School Receipt Template As An Important Studying Payment Proof

Do you have your kids gone to the school to study? Then, you must be happy because your kids could get new friends and study the new things there. Yet, you must pay for your kids’ school fee. Then, when it comes to the new semester, you might get a school receipt template from the school. It is really helpful since it could inform you about the total cost you need to pay along with its detailed info. If you need a printable school receipt template for your institution’s need, you could visit our web. There are some varied school receipt designs available in different ideas and purposes. Well, let’s check it out for further info below!

Play School Receipt

15 Great School Receipt Template Examples

There are several wonderful kinds of school receipt template printable designs exist on our web. Mostly, they come in an Excel format for an auto-calculation design to enable you to do the counting with your PC. Yet, you might also find other formats such as Word, Apple Pages, Pdf, Google Docs, and Numbers. Well, now, let’s take a look at our school receipts in these following points!

  1. Free Download Daycare Receipt Template
  2. Donation Receipt Word Template For Free
  3. Simple Blank Excel Receipt to Download Freely
  4. Basic Receipt in MS Excel Format to Print Fast
  5. Standard Receipt to Edit Easily
  6. General Receipt Template in Doc
  7. Formal Receipt Pdf Format Template
  8. Example Receipt in MS Word
  9. Printable Monthly School Fee Receipt Form
  10. School Payment Worksheet in Apple Pages
  11. Editable School Tuition Receipt in Pdf
  12. School Receipt Book Excel Spreadsheet
  13. Customizable School Donation For You
  14. Play School Receipt Design Ideas
  15. Driving School Template In Google Docs

School Fundraiser Receipt 1

All the sample school receipt template designs above are all available in the US standard Letter with A4 size. Plus, it is easy to edit or add information details once you need in case they do not suit your preference. Well, after all, our templates are editable and customizable. For your additional info, all our templates in any design are free to download.

The Examples of School Receipts

Before creating a school receipt, make sure that you have known its type first. There are three types of school receipts. They are:

  1. A tuition fee school receipt. This first school receipt is usually for the students’ parents. It requires the information of the certain date to pay the school’s fee. It stores the details of all payment during the first or last semester.
  2. A book school receipt. Of course, studying at school must need books so that they might learn things from reading and watching pictures on the book. When it comes to the new books, the teacher usually will give students book receipt which has details about books’ payment.
  3. A donation school receipt. This is kind of form or document given to some certain people who have already donated for the school. The receipt will inform about what the donation is for and how much the donation is.

School Payment

Finally, a school receipt template sample is very useful for both school and parents to communicate to each other. Find your school receipt here on our web for free.

School Receipt Template Sample

School Tuition Receipt Driving School

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