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14 Server Inventory Template: Applying the Right Choice

Welcome to the server inventory template! Greatly, it will help you to classify the server’s information. It means that you are allowed to gather information about software and applications. Furthermore, this printable server inventory template is easy and simple to apply. Besides, you can also track the required information easily by using this kind of template. Thus, it is classified into an effective way to develop a complete process.

Client Server IT Inventory Template Excel Format

Fifteen Kinds of Server Inventory Template

This kind of inventory template has fifteen kinds that you can know. Are you curious about them? If it is so, please follow this information carefully!

  1. The template of IT server admin

As you know that this template shows the service ownership. It covers the service category, the service owners, and the contact.

  1. The template of simple server

What about this one? There are some components like agency name, site name, date, server name, primary hostname, operational class, infrastructure, and primary service function.

Computer Server Price List Inventory Template

  1. The worksheet of information asset server

This worksheet provides contents, business name, issue, date, and purpose.

  1. The template of server roles free

It includes the scan data, SNMP details, and SMBIOS details.

  1. The template of client-server IT

This sample server inventory template refers to IT-specific management of fiscal resources. There are scores, questions, responses, and recommendations.

Excel Format of Server Software Inventory Template

  1. The template of hardware and software server

It offers location, computer name or hardware description, manufacturer, model, RAM, hard drive size, and replacement cost.

  1. The template of software summary report

In this template, you will find the business unit, computer name, software publisher, and software title.

  1. The template of the computer server price list

It shows your HP ProLiant servers and accessories for IBM servers.

  1. The template of the sample server

The content of this template is server name, system manager, check virus definition files, check log files, and additional checks.

  1. The template of free server

The component of server, role, and services are available in this server inventory template sample.

  1. The template of server security

There are policy requirements, questions to consider, responses, maturity level, and action plan.

  1. The template of sample server software

It provides you software inventory and status. There are some components of a file name, description of the purpose, and used for the procedure.

Hardwareb And Software Server Inventory Template In Excel Format

  1. The worksheet of server data center

This example refers to IT hardware and covers department name and agency name.

  1. The template of free PC server

You will see the configuration name, baseline configuration, HR department, and IT department in this template.

  1. The spreadsheet of a web-based server

It includes an operating unit, servers, web sites, and privacy.

Some Required Activities in Server Template

You should execute some required activities in this server template. It is used to static system documentation and makes a record. What are they? Here are available for you.

  1. Document last restore
  2. Recovery test for each system
  3. Quarterly or yearly review of support contracts
  4. Capacity planning
  5. Last review of the operation manual

Information Asset Server Inventory Worksheet

Those are the useful information about the server inventory template printable. There are so many kinds of this template that you can use. Have a nice try!

Sample Server Inventory Template

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