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6 Service Level Agreement Template: Checking the Various Types

Hello, a businessman! What can you infer about the service level agreement template? Exactly, it is a kind of written contract in which you are dealing with services from a company. It is of course that you will need this kind of template. Many people use this printable service level agreement template to convince that everyone is agreeing on the same terms. So, this template sample will describe the terms under the service. Here are the samples that you have to know.

Customer Service Level Agreement Template

6 Types of the Service Level Agreement Template

This kind of service agreement offers 6 types of templates that you can apply. Are you curious about those templates? If it is so, please pay attention to this information carefully!

  1. The agreement template of business service level

This first sample service level agreement template will help you to know some elements. Those elements are the purpose, scope of services, contacting effect, and notification of planned and emergency maintenance.

Military Service Level Agreement Template

  1. The agreement template of customer service level

In this kind of agreement template, there will be some important components. They are the purpose and period of the agreement, services provided, and customer charges and payment.

Service Level Agreement Template Healthcare

  1. The agreement template of outsourcing service level

It covers three available elements. The first one tells the confidentiality statement, the second one tells the parties and timeline, and the last one tells the service catalog. In the service catalog, there are services, descriptions, and examples.

  1. The agreement template of internal service level

How about this service level agreement template sample? It will show the components of purpose and objectives, the scope of services, service priorities, and service availability.

Accounting Service Level Agreement Template

  1. The agreement template of military service level

In this agreement template, you will find the elements of the commencement date, preamble, term, variations to this agreement, and statement of intent.

Business Service Level Agreement Template

  1. The agreement template of recruitment service level

This last agreement template shows the process overview. It contains the hiring manager and recruiter.

5 Important Elements in the Agreement Template of Service Level

If you want to write this kind of agreement template, you have to include 5 main elements below. What are the elements? So, don’t wait for a long time to check those elements!

  1. The service description

The first element that you should include is the description of the service. For example, is in an ISP. The description will be network connectivity, domain name servers, protocols, and others.

  1. Reliability

Then, the second element is the reliability. It means that you can frame the limits of when the service is provided.

  1. Protocol

In this case, is that the protocol for reporting the issues. You may describe the procedure and the client has to take when some problems appear.

  1. Consequences

It means that what will affect if the service is not available because of the conditions set. You can find it in the service description, especially at the agreed price.

  1. Escape clauses

You have to know that the service cannot be applied. It is because of the circumstances.

Contractor Service Level Agreement Template

The information above can be a good resource for you who need this service level agreement template printable. Don’t forget to include those elements above!

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